Dec 9, 2009

Shadow Art.

Kumi Yamashita's Shadow Art: Kumi Yamashita creates some really amazing and impressive shadow works using simple and ordinary objects like paper, wood, aluminum, building blocks, building letters and most importantly the light. She arranges these objects in a particular manner to create these amazing shadows of people and things.

Shadow Art (14) 1Shadow Art (14) 2Shadow Art (14) 3Shadow Art (14) 4Shadow Art (14) 5Chalk Shadow Art: These were created by artist M Neff, who goes around outlining shadows in chalk. A beautiful combination of chalk and shadow makes it really attractive. During the day, however the combination can be seen only for a while as the shadow moves on which can be seen in this video. But during the night, with the light, the beauty of it can be seen once again.

Shadow Art (14) 6Shadow Art (14) 7Shadow Art (14) 8Henrietta Swift's Shadow Art: These come from the collection of work of Henrietta Swift, a project with C Smith intending to recreate famous structures. Impressive.

Shadow Art (14) 9Shadow Art (14) 10Shadow Art (14) 11Shadow Illusions: Not everything you see is true; a series of shadow illusions shows that sometimes what the eye perceives is not the entire truth.

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