Nov 23, 2009

Designer Face Masks.

If you have made up your mind to sport a mask to be in the best of health (though their effectiveness is questionable) then why opt for a conventional white cloth one? Instead you can go in for these masks that are creative, can be used to send out a message or can blend with your face to bring out another side of you. Least these makes you look stylish, cheerful and funny while serving its purpose. Though the best part is these helps us to smile during the tough times.

Studio Samira Boon, an Amsterdam and Tokyo-based product, textile, and interior design studio created these masks. Presently there are 15 types of masks, varying from animals and human snouts, to zippers. "This new mask is no longer masking, but transforming the part of the face it is hiding, integrating face and mask."

Designer Face Mask (12) 1Designer Face Mask (12) 2These are the creations of designer Irina Blok.

Designer Face Mask (12) 9She silk-screens graphic image of the beard onto white cotton mask; though these are intended to be used for cosmetic/decorative purposes only.

Designer Face Mask (12) 4This one is the creation of illustrator Y Yoshida who has dreamed up dozens of colorful facemask designs.

Designer Face Mask (12) 5Some More:

Designer Face Mask (12) 12(Image credit: wired).

Designer Face Mask (12) 10(Image credit: walyou).
Designer Face Mask (12) 11Designer Face Mask (12) 3(Image credit: digobrands).

Designer Face Mask (12) 7(Image: Credit).

Designer Face Mask (12) 6(Image credit: coolbuzz).

Designer Face Mask (12) 8(Image credit: offbeat).

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