Oct 17, 2009

Amazing Photos By Kerry Skarbakka.

Each of the photographs by Kerry Skarbakka is sure to impress the viewers and get a positive response. He completed his MFA in Photography from Columbia College in Chicago in 2003 and uses self as a model for his photographs. Using climbing gear and other rigging, he photographs the body as it dangles from unusual heights or tumbles down flights of stairs. He has been creating the portfolio of his pictures since 2002, which has been exhibited across the world. "The images are layered with references to an experienced background in sculpture and painting, and the cinematic quality of the work suggests the influence of commercial film. The dimensions are important to establish a direct relationship between the image and viewer." Don't miss to check his site - link.

Amazing Photos By Kerry Skarbakka (5) 1(Image credit: Kerry Skarbakka).
Amazing Photos By Kerry Skarbakka (5) 2Amazing Photos By Kerry Skarbakka (5) 3Amazing Photos By Kerry Skarbakka (5) 4Amazing Photos By Kerry Skarbakka (5) 5Other Posts:
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