Sep 18, 2009

20 Cool Design Toasters.

20 Cool Design Toasters.
Notepad Toaster: This toaster incorporates a little message board where one can read quick notes. You can scribe notes on the message board over the toaster, and the message gets "toasted" onto the toast itself. Its created by designer Sasha Tseng.

20 Cool Design Toasters (20) 1Scantoaster: This toaster by designer Sung Bae Chang can print the news, weather forecast and photos on the bread. All you need to do is connect it into a USB port, and place the bread and select what you want on the toast.

20 Cool Design Toasters (20) 2Portable Toaster: It "has a graphic user interface that shows how well the bread is toasted and how long it has been in with animated pictures."

20 Cool Design Toasters (20) 3Pop Art Toaster with 6 Design Plates: With its 6 interchangeable plates you can toast images onto your bread.

20 Cool Design Toasters (20) 4Starwars Toaster: It toasts your bread with a picture of Starwar's character.

20 Cool Design Toasters (20) 5German Toaster: Captain Jack Sparrow wouldn't have missed this one for the world.

20 Cool Design Toasters (20) 10Zuse Toaster: It's a compact toaster that can be attached to the wall. Inspired by a dot matrix printer, it toasts 12 x 12 pixel images onto the bread.

20 Cool Design Toasters (20) 75.25 Inch Bay Toaster: It accommodates in a standard 5.25 drive bay and requires USB port and 4 pin Molex power connector.

20 Cool Design Toasters (20) 6Transparent Toaster: A toaster made of glass; neither hides the bread, nor its preparation. It's really cool looking.

20 Cool Design Toasters (20) 8The PlayStation Toaster:

20 Cool Design Toasters (20) 9Six Part Toaster: Creation of designer Matt Gossington, it "rotates and heats the toast in single compartments. The compartments lift from the main assembly and swing open to allow the toast to keep warm and crisp on its hot plates."

20 Cool Design Toasters (20) 11Ceramic Toaster: This design by George Watson from UK won the 1st price at the Ceramics for Breakfast Competition.

20 Cool Design Toasters (20) 12Nahamer T450: Designer Penny's toaster is 20% faster and uses half the energy of a standard 900W toaster.

20 Cool Design Toasters (20) 13Cassette-deck Style Toaster: Designer Arthur Wu's cassette-deck style design reminds of the gone by 1980s technology.

20 Cool Design Toasters (20) 14Transparent Toaster: It allows the users to see the bread while it is toasting, the concept seems to use two transparent heating glasses for bread toasting. Though it isn't fully functional, but they're working on it.

20 Cool Design Toasters (20) 15Braun Toaster: It's a part of Braun 2009 collection, which consists of a toaster, music player and mobile phone by designer Joe.

20 Cool Design Toasters (20) 16Siemens Toaster: Porsche Design creates this sleek and streamlined toaster.

20 Cool Design Toasters (20) 17Mool Hood Toaster: Designer Atil Kizilbayir's toaster gets your bread done side ways.

20 Cool Design Toasters (20) 18Triplo Toaster: It's a unique concept design, "designed to toast separate pieces of bread in between the modules, so the unit would be both a toaster and a toast rack."

20 Cool Design Toasters (20) 19Clear Ceramic Toaster: In this one you can see the bread while it is toasting.

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