Sep 10, 2009

Cool Looking Door Handles.

If you had enough with the usual, monotonous, conventional door handles and are looking out for something different, these are sure to impress you!

Light Bulb Door Handle: Designed by Jeong-Sun Park, it's a knob light (door knob) with an internal generator that stores energy and illuminates and guides you to the bathroom at night.

Cool Looking Door Handles (12) 1Cool Looking Door Handles (12) 2Numlock Handle: An innovative solution by designer Jess Han for those who want to have a keyless entry to their home. To unlock you need to roll the four tumblers to the correct numbers, and after every successful entry it automatically re-shuffles and locks itself.

Cool Looking Door Handles (12) 3Cool Looking Door Handles (12) 4Cool Looking Door Handles (12) 5Illuminating Door Handle: An interesting door handle suitable for anyone who wants to communicate vacant or occupied; the handle indicates that the room is occupied with a light on the outside of the door and when the room is vacant the handle signals no light. Available in a few versions, the possible uses of these glowing door handles is quite huge.

Cool Looking Door Handles (12) 6Fingerprint Handle: Designer Philip Watts created this sleek and stylish stainless steel door handle, dotted with fingerprints which gives it a unique and unusual look.

Cool Looking Door Handles (12) 10Cool Looking Door Handles (12) 11Z Handle: Designed by Eric Parry Architects for architectural hardware manufacturers Izé.

Cool Looking Door Handles (12) 7Cool Looking Door Handles (12) 8Handy Door Handle: Creation of the French interior and product designer Naomi Thellier de Poncheville, its shaped like a hand, gives you a welcoming handshake feel when opening the door.

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