Sep 14, 2009

34 Creative and Cool Kitchen Designs.

Designer kitchens are the trend of the day, customized and exclusive kitchen is something that everyone wants. To ensure smooth cooking both indoor and outdoor, different types of kitchen designs are being introduced everyday.

Hidden Kitchen: Designed by June He, this hidden kitchen has every function a traditional kitchen has and is hidden behind the kitchen wall. You can change the tile colors and arrange it to suit your personal style.

Kitchen Designs (39) 1Z Kitchen Island: Designed by Zaha Hadid, this futuristic kitchen features a built-in PC, sound actuators and LEDs which enables the user to surf the internet, listen to music or create a particular ambiance.

Kitchen Designs (39) 2Evolution Kitchen: Designed by Dario Grasselli, this ingeniously designed all-in-one standing kitchen is to fit in the small living spaces, without loosing out the luxurious element.

Kitchen Designs (39) 3Ku-b Modular Kitchen: Created by Innova Designers, when closed it conceals all the doors and drawers out of sight and transforms into wedge shape.

Kitchen Designs (39) 4Contemporary Kitchen: Spanish designer range by Cancio includes Radia, Duo and Wall, designed such away that it can be kept inside the kitchen. "The adjustable furniture can accommodate up to three people so that you can have a nice chat with your family while cooking dinner."

Kitchen Designs (39) 5Kitchen Designs (39) 6Smart Kitchen: It consists of three main work areas: washing, cooking and mixing.

Kitchen Designs (39) 7Kitchen Island: Designed by Curtis Ma, this workstation features multiple counter surfaces that slide away to reveal the washbasin. It has drawers for specific tasks; the multiple sized drawers can house different kitchen utensils, tools and dishes.

Kitchen Designs (39) 8Altera Design Studio’s Kitchen: Altera Design Studio's innovative kitchen Concept, "is designed to not only minimize waste materials but to make people aware of how much they're consuming."

Kitchen Designs (39) 9Circular Compact Kitchen: This 180-degree revolving kitchen design by CC Concepts features all the characteristics of the traditional kitchen with an incredible low demand on overall space, less than 1.8 square meters. The kitchen is compact but roomy with storage capacity of equal to 12 cupboards & a bench top length of 3000mm. It's equipped with refrigerator, dishwasher, washbasin.

Kitchen Designs (39) 10A La Carte Modular Kitchen: ""A La Carte" modules by Stadtnomaden, is a well thought out modular kitchen concept which can be easily built up without any tools."

Kitchen Designs (39) 11Modular Kitchen By Wing Chi Chow: This kitchen is cuboid with wheels underneath making it movable inside the house. The gas range, washbasin and the cutting board have potential to combine them into 1 instead of 3.

Kitchen Designs (39) 12Lift - Modular Kitchen: Designed by Cornu, apt for small apartments and houses, it features all the necessary tools a kitchen must have in different sliding (up and down) modules.

Kitchen Designs (39) 13Spontaneous Kitchen: Designed by Miyazaki, this elegant kitchen looks apt for trendy apartments.

Kitchen Designs (39) 14Temp Kitchen: The innovative kitchen by Dwyer can be easily transported from one room to another. An interesting option for limited space; this functional kitchen features a cook top, washbasin, four grounded outlets, a fold-up breakfast bar, and a dishwasher with easy plumbing hookups.

Kitchen Designs (39) 15Compact kitchen: Designed by Nojae Park, it looks like a filing cabinet; "there are four main parts to this product; a stainless plate for meal prep and warming, an electric stove for cooking, a dish drawer for storage, and a mini-fridge."

Kitchen Designs (39) 16Compact Kitchen from Artificio: This space-saving compact kitchen design offers everything a larger kitchen would have.

Kitchen Designs (39) 17Sheer Spherical Kitchen: This unusual design kitchen is completely self-contained and low maintenance. "The two parts of the Sheer Kitchen, the circular island and the wall unit function in combination and both are controlled from the same remote control." Once opened the upper half-sphere acts as both a vent and a lamp and the lower half has enough room for a circular worktop, a wash basin, three bottle coolers, a pull-out table, multiple cooking accessories, two electric outlets for small appliances, and four burners. The wall unit includes a refrigerator, cabinet space and storage, and apart from these it hides four folding chairs.

Kitchen Designs (39) 18Motorized Kitchen: Design by Emanuel Gargano and Marco Fagioli, it features a motorized integrated cabinet that can be lifted up showing all the utensils.

Kitchen Designs (39) 19Grandma's Kitchen: Designed by Melanie Olle & Ilja Oelschl├Ągel, its a beautiful example of space efficiency. This unit transforms into a full kitchen complete with a washbasin, fridge and cook top to prepare meals.

Kitchen Designs (39) 20Compact XL kitchen: The award-winning Compact XL by Gorenje is a mini kitchen with a range of applications. "The kitchen side with built-in household appliances of the Gorenje Ora-Ito Collection allows fast and simple preparation of food, while the rear side features a lift-up table that instantly makes for a comfortable dining area."

Kitchen Designs (39) 21Stand By Kitchen: Designer Alfonso R Nieto's "Stand by" kitchen consists of three-leveled shelves, with enough space for cooking as well as dining.

Kitchen Designs (39) 22Cooklounge: Designed by Schmidt, D Bolduan and M Flaig, it changes its appearance turning from a monoblock into a stylish sideboard; from a state of the art piece of furniture into a kitchen stove, washbasin with an adjustable table, with an integrated warm-keeping plate in the middle and apart from all these you can also create a relaxing lounge area.

Kitchen Designs (39) 23(Image credit: square).

Gorenje Futuristic Kitchen by Ora Ito:

Kitchen Designs (39) 24Modular Kitchen Design: Designed by Fevzi Karaman, this space-saving concept kitchen has everything what you need for a small kitchen.

Kitchen Designs (39) 25Concealed Kitchen: This 'concealed kitchen' removes the limit line between living room and cooking area. Its rotatable shelves offers more space, and it's design offers best place for icebox, and dishwasher.

Kitchen Designs (39) 26Movable Kitchen Island: Ideal for small city homes, it features a mobile cart which offers lots of storage space, and it expands into a kitchen island for all your preparation work.

Kitchen Designs (39) 27Fuego Modular Kitchen: This customizable outdoor kitchen, created by previous Apple Computer designer, Robert Brunner, features aluminum frame to accommodate grills, burners, warming drawers, storage, and refrigeration units.

Kitchen Designs (39) 28(Image: Credit).

Enclosed Mono-Block Kitchen: Designed by Dante Bonuccelli, its a compact kitchen design, a single wall unit or if used as a stand-alone unit perfect as a room divide. Perfect for multifunctional spaces, it hides all the kitchen tools, it features washbasin and a spacious workspace plus optional fridge column.

Kitchen Designs (39) 29Compact Kitchen Unit: Perfect for limited space, it comes fully equipped with all the necessities you need for functional kitchen. It features fridge, a washbasin, a stylish lighting system and many storage compartments.

Kitchen Designs (39) 30Compact Kitchen: A user named mappdaniel at ProductDesignForums created this concept of compact kitchen. It includes a worktop, foldaway chairs, touch controlled cooking hobs, fridge, washbasin, and a grill.

Kitchen Designs (39) 31Compact Green Kitchen: Created by designer Antoine Lebrun, it's an incredible concept of all-in-one compact kitchen for Fagor Brandt. "The concept is a multifunctional appliance, mixing electromechanical and vegetable technology (for water filtering). When closed, the system is in washing mode. To access the cooking functions, you just have to open it!" And once you close the appliance, the workspace and the washbasin (with dishes inside), using the natural soap provided by plants the dishes are washed up.

Kitchen Designs (39) 32Concealed Kitchen by Fendi Casa: Ideal for small space, its multifunctional and measures only 246 cm wide. It features a stove, washbasin, coffee maker, refrigerator and dishwasher. And glass shelves offer lots of stylish storage space.

Kitchen Designs (39) 33Mini Kitchen: A space-saving mini kitchen design by Ensci, features a movable countertop/tabletop that slides open to reveal the range, washbasin, storage, cupboards and cabinets.

Kitchen Designs (39) 34Kitchen Interior from Saporiti Italia: "Each item of furniture within the kitchen is iconic and surprising - from the 'Gold Monolith' storage unit to the 'Working Table'." It has wide legs low welcoming chairs with jutting armrests surround the kitchen table. "A huge, abstract screen known as the 'Techno Wall' conceals the appliances out of sight for when you're entertaining."

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