Aug 17, 2009

Creative and Cool Toothpick Sculptures.

Here is a collection ‘Creative and Cool Toothpick Sculptures’ from around the world.


Toothpick Sculptures (21) 1Tara Donovan is the sculptor who created this 'toothpicks'.

Toothpick City I:
Toothpick Sculptures (21) 2Toothpick Sculptures (21) 3Toothpick Sculptures (21) 4Toothpick Sculptures (21) 5Toothpick Sculptures (21) 6(Image credit: hemmy).
Toothpick City is one of the world's largest toothpick sculpture, which contains more than 50 famous structures from around the world, and it's all made out of toothpicks. Stan Munro started Toothpick City I in 2004, which consists of more than two million toothpicks and its currently on display in Mallorca, Spain. And he has come with 'Toothpick City II' which will be a collection of more than 40 famous buildings and tall towers from around the world. And when completed it will be the largest toothpick structure in the world with almost 4 million toothpicks (almost double that of Toothpick City I).

Toothpick Sculptures (21) 7(Image credit: toothpickcity).
Space Needle. Don't miss to check his amazing gallery - link.

Rolling Through the Bay:

Toothpick Sculptures (21) 8(Image credit: leftcoastbound).
Toothpick Sculptures (21) 9(Image credit: linecon0).
Toothpick Sculptures (21) 10(Image: Credit).
Toothpick Sculptures (21) 11Toothpick Sculptures (21) 12Toothpick Sculptures (21) 13(Image credit: chrispcampbell).
Scott Weaver spent nearly 3,000 hours and over 34 years to build the toothpick model and installation of "Rolling Through the Bay." This building a 9-foot tall model of San Francisco was built in the living room of his Rohnert Park home using over 100,000 toothpicks. The ping-pong balls can be launched at several entry points and they rolls through the toothpick sculpture, touring famous San Francisco locations. The sculpture's first public appearance was at the 2008 Sonoma County Fair where it received the award for Best Of Show. It also became one of the most popular and talked about features of the entire fair. Here is the video - link.

Toothpick sculpture:

Toothpick Sculptures (21) 14"Took this one as a personal challenge from the teacher. To apply a background to the dark room."

Three Dimensional Design:

Toothpick Sculptures (21) 15This comes from University of Colorado Denver, Visual Arts Department's Sculpture Program.

Linear Toothpick Sculpture:

Toothpick Sculptures (21) 16(Image credit: princetonol).

Intuit Gallery:

Toothpick Sculptures (21) 17(Image credit: marmotfotos).

Toothpick Corn Cob:

Toothpick Sculptures (21) 18(Image: Credit).

Toothpick Cornstalk:

Toothpick Sculptures (21) 19(Image: Credit).

Palace of Fine Arts:

Toothpick Sculptures (21) 20(Image credit: leftcoastbound).

Huge Toothpick Sculptures:

Toothpick Sculptures (21) 21(Image: Credit).

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