Aug 24, 2009

Unique Matchboxes.

Here is a collection ‘Unique Matchboxes’ from around the world.

Unique Matches And Matchboxes (21) 1Unique Matches And Matchboxes (21) 2Unique Matches And Matchboxes (21) 3You can stick this star shaped patch sticker to your shoe or any other place of your choice, and you are ready to light a match. This comes from Radi Designers.

Unique Matches And Matchboxes (21) 4Unique Matches And Matchboxes (21) 5Industrial designer Adrien Rovero created these unique and interesting variations of matches.

Unique Matches And Matchboxes (21) 6Ford Ranger Extreme matchbox was the part of an advertisement to highlight the Ford's ranger extreme, a Limited Edition model with cargo bed extender that allowed for 30% more payload. But most of the truck buyers come from blue-collar industries such as auto repair, construction and plumbing and tend to gather in specific places. 5000 matchboxes which had the Ford's website address were given to potential buyers at their usual gathering places. Over 1600 visited the website, 450 booked for test-drive and 300 test-drove the car. And a matter of fact the Limited Edition Ranger extreme was sold out a month ahead of schedule.

Unique Matches And Matchboxes (21) 7These look like they've been burnt but they haven't, created by Meric Kara.

Unique Matches And Matchboxes (21) 8If you are among those who are ready for anything then this is something which is sure to impress you! This matchbox has everything (almost) for a celebration, four candles, matches and a candleholder. It's a creation of Lonny-Design.

Interesting Advertisements From Blush (5) 5Interesting Advertisements From Blush (5) 4Interesting Advertisements From Blush (5) 3This is a part of advertisement from Blush.

Unique Matches And Matchboxes (21) 9Jeremy Walton has really wonderful and impressive collection of fantastic matchboxes - matchboxes in candles, tray matchbox, and many more.

Unique Matches And Matchboxes (21) 10Reddish Studio designed this one.

Unique Matches And Matchboxes (21) 11Designed by Jorg Gatjens, these matchboxes has a separate compartment to discard the used matchsticks.

Calendar Made of Matches (5) 1Calendar Made of Matches (5) 3An interesting idea where each page is a month and it looks like a comb made of matches that correspond to the days. The matches used for the construction are real.

Unique Matches And Matchboxes (21) 12Unique Matches And Matchboxes (21) 13Unique Matches And Matchboxes (21) 14Its really interesting to have a match made in the shape of a flower, but can you really use something which looks so impressive as once you use it nothing of the design remains.

Unique Matches And Matchboxes (21) 15These Cañamo matchboxes were made attractive and had a modern design with a hole (which transforms matchboxes into pipes) and were distributed at places were the potential buyers gathered.

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