Aug 14, 2009

Staple Skyscrapers.

Low-Rise is the installation created by P. Root in 2006 using staples and mirror, and it measures 180x80cm. Thousands of stacks of staples were used to make this skyline or what the artists call "city-like mosaic". "Like a city, the staples are subject to the elements, on a micro scale. The slightest breath or vibration and the domino effect kicks in."
His work experience includes a variety of professions such as architecture, contemporary media production and education. Architecture has an influence on his work which can be seen in his use of architectonic models (both digital and physical) and technical drawing skills.
His site has some really interesting other projects too, do check them - link.

Staple Skyscrapers (3) 1(Image credit: sweet-station).
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