Aug 21, 2009

Beautiful Leaf Art.

Here is a collection ‘Beautiful Leaf Art’ from around the world.

Palm Leaf Engraving:

Beautiful Leaf Art (21) 1These are hand engraved and inked onto layers of palm leaves and stitched together.

Detailed one:

Beautiful Leaf Art (21) 2(Image credit: justsomepunter).


Beautiful Leaf Art (21) 2Beautiful Leaf Art (21) 4Beautiful Leaf Art (21) 5Beautiful Leaf Art (21) 6Beautiful Leaf Art (21) 7Beautiful Leaf Art (21) 8(Image credit: davidrager).
These are the creation of Mitsuru Koga, and it comes from the workshop conducted by him in the previous weekend at Tortoise in Venice, CA.

Roses From Maple Leaves:

Beautiful Leaf Art (12) 12The entire sequence of construction of such a wonderful bouquet - in photos: Link.

Palm Leaf Colored Painting:

Beautiful Leaf Art (21) 8Beautiful Leaf Art (21) 9These are handcrafted palm leaf paintings engraved with intricate needlework carvings using natural vegetation colors.


Beautiful Leaf Art (21) 10Beautiful Leaf Art (21) 11A handmade leaf-carving artwork featuring the patterns of ox.

Beautiful Leaf Art (21) 12(Image credit: longal).

Beautiful Leaf Art (21) 13It involves manually cutting and removing of the leaf's surface to create an artwork on a leaf. The material or the most common leaf used in leaf carving is the leaf of a Chinar tree.

Paintings On Leaves:

Beautiful Leaf Art (16) 1Beautiful Leaf Art (16) 2Beautiful Leaf Art (16) 3Here is how to make one - link.

Bridal Bouquet:

Beautiful Leaf Art (21) 14Its created by Jacqueline Ahne.


Beautiful Leaf Art (21) 15(Image credit: digitaloptions).

Beautiful Leaf Art (21) 16(Image credit: khoonkiah).
It's made out of coconut leaves, folded in a special way to form different shapes. Looks quite original.

Bird Design:

Beautiful Leaf Art (21) 17It's an eight strand bird with rose design, though most bird designs are made of only four strands.

Palm Leaf Basket:

Beautiful Leaf Art (21) 18(Image: Credit).
It looks cool!

Tropical Rose:

Beautiful Leaf Art (21) 19(Image credit: fernandocolon).
It's made out of palm tree leaves.

Palm Leaf Hat:

Beautiful Leaf Art (21) 20(Image credit: cefeida).

Bat Leaf Prints:

Beautiful Leaf Art (21) 21Here is how to create a bat leaf print using a maple leaf - link.

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