Jul 17, 2009

Unusual Bed Sheets and Creative Duvet Designs - Part 2.

Here is a collection ‘Unusual Bed Sheets and Creative Duvet Designs’ from around the world.

Periodic Table Duvet Cover:

Periodic Table Duvet CoverThis duvet cover has the entire periodic table of elements on it. It was created by forum member cherry_blossom55 for her boyfriend, who is a chemistry major.

Twisterduvet Cover:

Twisterduvet CoverWith this duvet you can bring your favorite game to the bedroom (if you don't use it there). It comes with two pillowcases and a foam dice.

Bed Barrier Duvet Cover:

Bed Barrier Duvet Cover"The duvet is clearly marked down the middle indicating how much of the duvet is covering you."

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