Jun 22, 2009

Fences Worth A Second Glance.

Fences are something that we come across very often and it doesn't evoke any interest to get a second glance. But how about when they have something that is unique, creative or interesting? Here are a few of them that we came across over a period of time, which we thought you might be interested to look at. Just one other thing, if you have come across any that has something special or unique then do drop a line here, we would definitely give it a look!

Fence (12) 1 Its about 25 surfboards long.

 Fence (12) 2Fence made out of crayons.

 Fence (12) 3Fence made of wheels.

 Fence (12) 4Stone fence.

 Fence (12) 5Folgers fence. These are all coffee containers used to start plants and trees.

 Fence (12) 6Recycled fence wall.

 Fence (12) 7 (Image credit: Unknown).
Bike fence.

 Fence (12) 8 (Image credit: Unknown).
Bowling ball fence.

 Fence (12) 9 (Image credit: Unknown).
Ski fence.

 Fence (12) 10Toothbrush fence has over 50 toothbrushes!

 Fence (12) 11Ski pole fence.

 Fence (12) 12Other interesting one.

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