May 4, 2009

Best Of The Trains.

For quite a lot of time we had a few of these images, and we never made a post out of it. What we have here is not categorized or is in some sort of an order; these are some random things we picked up over a period of time. But there is one thing in common in the whole of the post, i.e., 'Trains'; hope you will appreciate this as much as we did. And just one other thing, if you have any image or info that can be added to this post, then do mail it or put it in comments!

Colorful Decoration:

 Colors In The Subway (9) 1 Colors In The Subway (9) 4 Colors In The Subway (9) 7Beautiful color combinations with vegetables creates really impressive interiors.

Best Train Journeys in the World: Here are a few selected from the 'World's Top 25 Trains' which are picked up randomly.

Pride of Africa:

Pride of Africa (2) 1 (Image credit: rovos).
Pride of Africa (2) 2Rovos Rail's Pride of Africa is considered to be one of the most luxurious trains in the world. It offers an old-world elegance and luxury and the entire experience is consistent in meeting the highest luxury standards. 'The use of traditional furnishings and period d├ęcor ensures an atmosphere of elegance and grandeur in the Dining, Lounge and Observation cars.'

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express:

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express (2) 1(Image credit: stef).
Venice Simplon-Orient-Express (2) 2(Image credit: stef).
'The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express offers a wide selection of luxury train journeys travelling between some of Europe's finest cities, passing through the continent's spectacular and ever-changing scenery. This train, with its restored, 1920s vintage cars, is the world’s most authentic luxury train.'

Royal Scotsman:

Royal Scotsman (2) 1(Image credit: jeffmcneill).
Royal Scotsman (2) 2(Image credit: christymac).
A holiday on 'The Royal Scotsman' is regarded as one of the world's great travel experiences. It accommodates just 36 passengers; its for those who seek superior service with plenty of luxury settings.

Eastern & Oriental Express:

Eastern & Oriental Express (2) 1(Image credit: orient express).
Eastern & Oriental Express (2) 2Eastern & Oriental Express offers comfortable and elegant compartments, delicious cuisine, superb service and a panoramic view of the landscapes of Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Laos.

Blue Train:

Blue Train(Image credit: bluetrain).
The Blue Train is one of the world's great luxury trains; 'Kings and presidents have traveled on this magnificent moving five-star hotel. The routes of 'The Blue Train' are both scheduled and chartered, and it takes the guests through some of the most breathtaking countryside to be found anywhere in the world.'

Palace on Wheels:

Palace on Wheels (2) 1(Image credit: nzer).
Palace on Wheels (2) 2(Image credit: rtdc).
India's first hotel train 'Palace on Wheels' a joint venture of Indian Railways and the state of Rajasthan's tourism office. The Palace On Wheels cruises along in royal style, the kind only the Maharajas of bygone era enjoyed.

Pleasant Train Interiors In Japan:

Pleasant Train Interior In Japan (7) 1Pleasant Train Interior In Japan (7) 2Pleasant Train Interior In Japan (7) 3Pleasant Train Interior In Japan (7) 4Pleasant Train Interior In Japan (7) 5Pleasant Train Interior In Japan (7) 6(Image credit: skyscrapercity).

<a href="//">Watch the "Pleasant Train Interior In Japan" Video on Youtube</a>

At the first glance it looks like its some shopping mall or the interiors of a star hotel, but these are the photos of train interiors in Japan. Both the trains 'Omoden' (toy train) and 'Ichigo EC' (strawberry train) are designed by Eiji Mitooka; these were created with an intention of making the train travel a more pleasant and comfortable experience for all, and especially for the children.

Painted Trains:

painted train (21) 3(Image credit: fabianeduarte).
painted train (21) 16painted train (21) 19Here are a few painted trains which look really cool and some come from the land of inventions running on their 12,000-mile rail network, decorated with images of anime characters, colorful advertisements, and designs by notable artists. These painted trains look so colorful and attractive; we can say that lots of creative space is left empty on unpainted trains.

Village Underground:

Village Underground (8) 6(Image credit: bbc).
Village Underground (8) 4Village Underground (8) 5(Image credit: mctumshie).
Village Underground, is the brainchild of the ambitious 29-year-old furniture designer Auro Foxcroft. Four former subway carriages and three shipping containers were positioned, secured, and transformed into open-plan working spaces, which offers a low-cost alternative in a high-rent area. The idea to use the subway trains came to Foxcroft during a funicular train ride in Switzerland.

Cafe Built From Train:

Cafe Built from a TrainLocated in Deptford, London, designed by Morag Myerscough a cafe built from a train is selling sustainable farmed coffee while the City's first suburban railway station dating from 1836 is being renovated.

Train Car Home in Portland:

Train Car Home in PortlandThis rail car home in Portland was created from a 1949 Portland sleeper car and its interior features include a full electric kitchen, DSL and an toilet.

Creativity With Trains: Here we have graffiti on trains.

graffiti on trains (9) 3graffiti on trains (9) 5Cabin made from an old Caboose.

a cabin made from an old CabooseIKEA's Promotional Train.

IKEA's Promotional Train (12) 5IKEA's Promotional Train (12) 1IKEA's Promotional Train (12) 9This train was a part of promotional advertisement by IKEA, a Swedish furniture company (which pioneered flat-pack design furniture at affordable rates, is now the world's largest furniture manufacturer) for their new retail store at Port Island.

81-805 VIP Railcar:

Railcar (2) 2Railcar (2) 1'81-805.VIP is an upgrade to the 81-717 railcar series designed for Metrovagon. The new cars are equipped with supply and exhaust ventilation, air conditioning, and a climate control system. The seats have handrails connecting headrests and backrests and there are two sections divided by the entrance and the ticket control lobby.'

Royal Trains: How can we conclude the post without the royal trains?


Royal Trains (2) 1(Image credit: wiki).
JR East E655 series, one of the dedicated train cars for the Imperial Family.

United Kingdom:

Royal Trains (2) 2'A single "Royal Train" was only formed in 1977 as a response to the demands of the Silver Jubilee. This train has been maintained since privatization of the UK's railways, although the Royal Family has traveled on ordinary service trains more frequently in recent years to minimize costs.'

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