May 12, 2009

15 Cool and Creative Headphones.

Collection of ‘Cool and Creative Headphones’ from all over the world.

Question Mark Shaped Headphones:

Question Mark Shaped Headphones (2) 1Question Mark Shaped Headphones (2) 2'The unique shape serves several purposes. It fits snug in your ear, easily loops together around your neck when not in us.'

Semicircle Headphones:

Semicircle Headphones (3) 1Semicircle Headphones (3) 2Semicircle Headphones (3) 3'The Semicircle headphones are designed to fit in your ear without blocking background noise. The unit is wireless with a bluetooth module that connects to a standard headphone jack.'

Zip Up:

Zip Up (3) 1Zip Up (3) 2
Zip Up (3) 3An interesting concept we have here that is based on Zipper; 'Zip then open when you want to use them; zip them shut when you want to store them.'

Most Expensive Earphones:

Most Expensive EarphonesThe listening devices have a total weight of 18 grams made from 18 carat gold, encrusted with 118 of the highest quality diamonds.

Earring Headset:

Earring Headset (2) 1Earring Headset (2) 2An interesting and beautiful earrings designed by Ilya Fridman which 'attaches to your eat with the rubber earring clasp on the back. It's activated in two ways: talk or listen.'


Mood Headset (2) 1Mood Headset (2) 2By designer Akin Bacioglu, it has a bluetooth headset, player and sunglasses all rolled into one.

Earplugs Become A Battery:

Earplugs Become A Battery (2) 1Earplugs Become A Battery (2) 2'These headphones come in 3 pieces: two ear buds and a housing case. Plug the two earbuds on both the ends of the housing… and pesto! you got yourself an AA battery. Now put that battery into the main charging station and recharge the Bluetooth buds!'

Zipper Headphone:

Zipper Headphone (2) 1Zipper Headphone (2) 2This one reminds of 'Zip Up', but it uses Zip Loc instead and it also lacks the fancy volume control button as we have seen in 'Zip Up'.

DEOS - Diamond And Swarovski Earphones:

DEOS - Diamond And Swarovski EarphonesDEOS are divided into three collections; DEOS Diamond (priced between US $ 60,000 to US $ 4,500), CVRZ with Swarovski crystals (priced between US $ 110 and US $ 200), and the CVRZ aluminium range(priced low as US $ 20).

Foldable Headphones:

Foldable Headphones (2) 1Foldable Headphones (2) 2Designed by Hanyoung Lee, these headphones are a bit different, these can be folded.

Babble Headsets:

Babble Headsets (2) 1Babble Headsets (2) 2These bluetooth 'Babble headsets' are designed by Onuff Studio.

Tidy Earphones:

Tidy Earphones (2) 1Tidy Earphones (2) 2This earphone concept is by Jaehyung. It keeps things tidy by arranging the cables to run through a small plastic lanyard that has integrated controls.

Clipset - Bluetooth Headset:

Clipset - Bluetooth Headset'Two buttons for volume control and one power button that is also used to answer incoming calls.'

Elcom Designer Earphones:

Elcom Designer EarphonesThese designer products are by Elcom (a Japanese company) which are beautified with gold/silver embroidery while others are crowned with crystals.

Candy Comfort Earphones:

Candy Comfort EarphonesThe Candy Comfort Earphones are designed by DGL Group, available in 12 types of candy.

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