May 7, 2009

Some Cool Looking Canteens.

Some Cool Looking Canteens.

Canteens are an integral part of any organization or institution. Many organizations make special emphasis on how their canteen should be, and the required care is taken to provide a perfect ambiance to have a positive effect on its employees. In the past we have seen 'Some Cool Looking Offices'; and now we have their canteens too.

Lufthansa Hamburg Canteen:

Lufthansa Hamburg Canteen (2) 1(Image credit: rehvonwald).

Lufthansa Hamburg Canteen (2) 2(Image credit: rehvonwald).

Microsoft Canteen:

Microsoft Canteen(Image credit: xbox365).

Yahoo Korea Canteen:

Yahoo Korea Canteen(Image credit: kaba).

Yahoo Bangalore, India Canteen:

Yahoo Bangalore, India Canteen (2) 1(Image credit: razzakosman).

Yahoo Bangalore, India Canteen (2) 2(Image credit: razzakosman).

Yahoo Sunnyvale, California Canteen:

Yahoo Sunnyvale, CA Canteen(Image credit: andybraxton).

Pixar Canteen:

Pixar Canteen(Image credit: cianmm).

Google Zurich Canteen:

Google Zurich Canteen (2) 1(Image credit: bigonazzi).

Google Zurich Canteen (2) 2(Image credit: pineapplebun).

Google London Canteen:

Google London Canteen(Image credit: handifem).

Another Google Canteen:

Google Canteen(Image credit: drumrick).

Cafe 150:

Cafe 150  (2) 1(Image credit: sfgate).
Cafe 150  (2) 2'Cafe 150 is located in Mountain View on the high-tech campus of Internet giant Google.'

The Canteen at Harvard University:

The Canteen at Harvard University (2) 1(Image credit: spluch).
The Canteen at Harvard University (2) 2Few other interesting looking canteens:

Yellow Canteen:

Yellow Canteen(Image credit: gogo159).

Wet Canteen:

Wet Canteen(Image credit: takeshiyo).

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