May 28, 2009

Fruits And Vegetables Art.

It really needs a great talent to create these amazing sculptures using just vegetables and fruits. This is nothing but a show of sheer talent & imagination. We really admire the creators of these vegetables and fruits art.

Vegetable Art By Ju Duoqi: She works with vegetables and the outcome is beautiful.

Fruits And Vegetables Art (9) 3(Image credit: likecool).
Fruits And Vegetables Art (9) 4Fruits And Vegetables Art (9) 5Banana Art:

Banana art (3) 1Banana art (3) 2Banana art (3) 3Conti....

Potato Portraits by Ginou Choueiri:

Potato Portraits (2) 1(Image credit: ginou.mosaicglobe).
Potato Portraits (2) 2

Vegetable Carvings:

Vegetable CarvingVegetable CarvingVegetable ArtConti....

Orange Peel Sculptures: The origin of these images isn't known & so is the case of the artist who created this really interesting art using orange peels.


Imaginative Portraits By Giuseppe Arcimboldo: 'Giuseppe Arcimboldo as an Italian painter best known for creating imaginative portrait heads made entirely of such objects as fruits, vegetables, flowers, fish, and books.'

Imaginative Portraits (Image credit: Wiki).

Carved Watermelons:

Carved Watermelons (2) 1(Image credit: nynerd).
Carved Watermelons (2)2 (Image credit: geocities).

Apple Sculptures:

Apple Art 3Apple Art 5Apple Art 6Conti....

A Banana wall: This is the work of Stefan Sagmeister's displayed at Deitch in NY from January 31 to February 23. The bananas you see here are real, all 7,200 of them on a huge wall.

Banana wall (2) 1
Banana wall (2) 2Conti....

Art With Oranges: Check out these amazing sculptures made from oranges.

birds made out of orangesChariot made out of oranges Tajmahal made out of orangessculpture made out of oranges Conti....

Carved Fruits And Vegetables For Advertisements:

Art With Eatables (27) 2Art With Eatables (27) 10Conti....

Creative Advertisements Using Fruits & Vegetables: We have seen many ads where the models promote the products. But here we have these amazing advertisements where the product is promoting itself. These interesting ads were created using fruits & vegetables.

Creative Ads With Fruits & Vegetables 1Creative Ads With Fruits & Vegetables 2Creative Ads With Fruits & Vegetables 3Conti....

A few more:

Fruits And Vegetables Art (9) 7
Fruits And Vegetables Art (9) 8
Fruits And Vegetables Art (9) 9
Fruits And Vegetables Art (9) 10
Fruits And Vegetables Art (9) 11
Fruits And Vegetables Art (9) 12(Image credit: unknown).

Fruits And Vegetables Art (9) 1(Image credit: Credit).

Fruits And Vegetables Art (9) 14Fruits And Vegetables Art (9) 15(Image credit: hallagulla).

Fruits And Vegetables Art (9) 13(Image: Credit).

Art With Eatables (27) 26More

This one comes from a show organized by the Department of Horticulture, Bangalore, India:

Fruits And Vegetables Art (9) 6 (Image credit: blonnet).

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