May 23, 2009

Creativity With Alphabets.

Creativity With Alphabets.

As we always say creativity isn't bounded by any limits, in the same direction we have these Alphabets, which are sure to impress many of us!

Fonts By People:

Fonts By PeopleTypeface by Kalle Mattsson, made at the beach of Zandvoort aan Zee in The Netherlands.

Google Maps Alphabets:

Google Maps Alphabet(Image credit: todayandtomorrow).
Rhett Dashwood, a graphic designer from Australia took several months to find the complete alphabet set in Google Maps. The work is really incredible and it features all the 26 alphabets.

Hairy Alphabets By Craig:

Hairy AlphabetLight Writing Alphabets:

Light Writing AlphabetA creation of Nir Tober, 'it took about 15 hours, in 2 sessions, and every letter had about 30-50 takes, all the photos in one layout.'

Alphabets Made Of Raw Hamburger:

Alphabet Made Of Raw Hamburger (2) 1Alphabet Made Of Raw Hamburger (2) 2'Each character hand-shaped, packaged, and photographed individually' - 'Value Pack' work by Robert Bolesta, 2005.

Cubic Alphabets By Svetoslav Simov:

Cubic alphabetAlphabet Trucks:

Alphabet Truck(Image credit: ariasblog).
Alphabet on the rear of the trucks is the work by Eric Tabuchi.

Alphabet Paperclips:

Alphabet Paperclips (3) 1Alphabet Paperclips (3) 2Alphabet Paperclips (3) 3Creation of Stephen Reed, these 'lettered paperclips can be used to file documents alphabetically or arranged to form words'.

Alphabets Done Only With Clothespin And Skin:

Alphabet Done Only With Clothespin And Skin(Image credit: Credit).
It's called alfabet in huid (typeface in skin), and the creator of these is Thijs Verbeek.

Alphabets In Nature:

Alphabet In Nature (2) 1Alphabet In Nature (2) 2'The letters of the English alphabet reveal themselves in unexpected places if you search for them. They hide in the infrastructure that shapes the world around us.'

Type The Sky:

Type The Sky (4) 4
Type The Sky (4) 3
Type The Sky (4) 2Type The Sky is a semester work by Lisa Rienermann, University of Duisburg-Essen. The award-winning project began with the "Q". It all began when Lisa was in a courtyard and she looked to see the houses and the blue sky. The space in between the houses formed the "Q" shape. She found it really interesting and beautiful, and she began to search for other alphabets.

Butterfly Alphabets:

Butterfly AlphabetsLetters and numbers photographed on the wings of butterflies.


Eatphabet (3) 1(Image credit: gugazine).
Eatphabet (3) 2Eatphabet (3) 3Eatphabet by Luiza Prado.

Office Clip Alphabets By Dave Wood:

Office Clip AlphabetToilet Paper Alphabet:

Toilet Paper Alphabet(Image credit: flushtv).
Artist, unknown.

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