Apr 1, 2009

Umbrella Art Installations.

Umbrella Art Installations.

Collection of ‘Umbrella Art Installations’ from all over the world.

Abri N°177 by OzCollective:

Umbrella Art Installations (30) 1Umbrella Art Installations (30) 2This installation is created by Ozcollective using 32 large golf umbrellas with curved handles, wood, cables and nets.

Cumulus Light Canopy:

Umbrella Art Installations (30) 3
Umbrella Art Installations (30) 4
Umbrella Art Installations (30) 5Beautiful lighting concept by Steven Haulenbeek, made from simple white photographers' translucent umbrellas.

Umbrella Installation by Ingo Maurer:

Umbrella Art Installations (30) 6Umbrella installation at the entrance by Ingo Maurer (design week in Milan 2007).

Bloom by S Spenser:

Umbrella Art Installations (30) 7Umbrella Art Installation in Greece:

Umbrella Art Installations (30) 8Umbrella Art Installation:

Umbrella Art Installations (30) 9Umbrella art installation at Island Six Studios:

Umbrella Art Installations (30) 10Umbrella Art Installation in Melbourne:

"Rain" Umbrella Art Installation:

Paper Umbrellas:

Flowers adorn large paper umbrellas put from the ceiling. Part of the spring celebration in the Bellagio's conservatory.

Andy Wharhol-ish art exhibit:

Collection of umbrellas between two buildings:

Installations of umbrellas in a shopping center:

Umbrellas and Fans:

Story House Umbrella Art:

Umbrella House:

Art House at Night:

Umbrella Art:

Umbrella Art Project of Swiss Group:

A house in Zurich, the outside of which has become an art project of Swiss group.

Installation at Socrates Sculpture Park, New York:
Colorful Umbrella Landscape Art:

Photo: Wolfgang Volz ©1991 Christo

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