Apr 6, 2009

Creative and Cool Ice Cube Trays.

When hosting a party you'll need all the proper equipment to ensure success. This includes major gaming consoles, a flat screen over 40" wide, a fully stocked cabinet that are a must and many more things. But how about ice? Do you still use the standard cubical or half-moon shaped ice cubes? If it's yes, then its time that you make changes, and serve all your guests a drink with ice cubes which are interesting to look at. Here are a lot of offbeat options for you to choose from :)

Snowflake Ice Cube Tray:

Snowflake Ice Cube TrayTitonic Ice Cube Tray:

Titonic Ice Cube TrayPi Symbol Ice Cube Trays:

Pi Symbol Ice Cube TraysShark Fin Ice Tray:

Shark Fin Ice TrayIcetris Trays:

Icetris TraysIt's a creation of Dima Komissarov, a member of the Russian design studio Mystake.

Fishbone Ice Tray:

Fishbone Ice TrayFrozen Smiles Ice Tray:

Frozen Smiles Ice TrayCool Jazz Ice Tray:

Cool Jazz Ice TrayJust drop one of these guitars into your drink, and give it a stir; freeze, stir, and chill.

Cool Jewels Ice Tray:

Cool Jewels Ice TrayJust fill this ice tray with water or any kind of juice, and freeze and you have three-dimensional Cool Jewels for your beverage!

Coolshooters Ice Cube Tray:

Coolshooters Ice Cube TrayWhat's cooler than having a glass made of ice!

Ice Princess Star-Shaped Ice Cube Tray:

Ice Princess Star-Shaped Ice Cube TrayProgressive Ice & Slice Ice Cube Tray:

Progressive Ice & Slice Ice Cube TrayIceinvaders Cube Tray:

Iceinvaders Cube TrayDinosaur Ice Tray:

Dinosaur Ice TrayHomer Ice Cube Tray:

Homer Ice Cube TrayHigh Heel Ice Cubes:

High Heel Ice CubesFilled with distilled water, these freezable ice cubes won't dilute your drink and can be used over and over.

Golf Ball Ice Cube Tray:

Golf Ball Ice Cube TrayIceblox Ice Cube Puzzle Tray:

Iceblox Ice Cube Puzzle TrayBonechillers Ice Cube Tray:

Bonechillers Ice Cube TrayLEGO Ice Brick Tray:

LEGO Ice Brick Tray'Serve the coolest drinks around with ice that looks like LEGO bricks, or build your own LEGO ice "sculpture"!'

Strawberry Ice Cube Tray:

Strawberry Ice Cube TrayAlphabet Ice Cube Tray:

Alphabet Ice Cube TrayLime Shaped Ice Cube Tray:

Lime Shaped Ice Cube TrayApple Ice Cube Tray:

Apple Ice Cube TrayRock Ice Cubes:

Rock Ice Cubes (2) 2Now if you are among those who wish to have your drink using ice cubes but don't like the water from the ice diluting the drink, then this is something which you are going to enjoy. Rock Ice Cubes (Nordic Rock) are literally ice cubes made from rocks.

Tetrice Ice Tray:

Tetrice Ice TrayMake ice cubes and play.

Real Rounds Making Tray:

Real Rounds Making TrayWith this one you can create ice cubes that look very much like the real rounds.

Love Ice Tray:

Love Ice TrayIce Kabobs Tray:

Ice Kabobs TraySeals Ice Cube Tray:

Seals Ice Cube TrayHeartshaped Ice Cube Tray:

Heartshaped Ice Cube TrayWho Ice Cube Tray:

Who Ice Cube TrayStar Ice Cube Tray:

Star Ice Cube TrayDon’t miss to check out “Creative and Cool Ice Cube Trays – Part: 1 | 2”.
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