Apr 15, 2009

Green Walls, Vertical Gardens, and Sky Farms.

Green Walls, Vertical Gardens, And Sky Farms.

Here is a collection ‘Green Walls, Vertical Gardens, and Sky Farms’ from around the world.

Musee du Quai Branly, Paris:

Musee du Quai Branly, ParisVertical gardens inhabit the walls of the Musee du Quai Branly in Paris. Created by P Blanc, botanist and a vertical landscape designer best know for this gorgeous living walls on the Musée du Quai Branly in Paris.

Restaurant Lined Wth A Living Green Wall:

Restaurant Lined Wth A Living Green WallDesigned by Serrano Cherrem Architects, the serene landscape seats in between a living wall, wood, and an incredible glass enclosure, at Restaurant Japonez in Mexico City.

Siam Paragon Shopping Center:

Siam Paragon Shopping Center (3) 1(Image credit: pingmag).

Siam Paragon Shopping Center (3) 2Siam Paragon Shopping Center (3) 3(Image credit: skyscrapercity).
Here is a beautiful demonstration how Plant Walls use water. "A network of perforated plastic pipes run throughout the structure. Every four minutes, under the control of an electronic timer, droplets of nutrient solution are released from the perforations, which are spaced 20 cm to 25 cm apart (approx. 8 in. -10 in.)."

Pershing Hall Hotel, Paris, France:

Pershing Hall Hotel, Paris, FranceThis wall in Paris's boutique Pershing Hall Hotel.

Green Shop:

Green Shop (6) 1Here we have the green shop of the Belgian designer Ann Demeulemeester, a project by architect Minsuk Cho. The building is covered with real grass and plants. More

Green Fortune's Plantwall:

Green Fortune's PlantwallPlantwall is a vertical wall of greenery. It allows for all of the enhancing elements of indoor greenery which doesn't take much of the floor space too. Water comes in via an integrated drip irrigation system.

Schiavello's Vertical Gardens:

Schiavello's Vertical GardensA perfect solution for those who wish to have indoor greenery but cant due to shortage of space.

Tower Flower:

Tower Flower (5) 1It looks like a huge display of potted plants - 'Tower Flower' a 10-storey building by architect Edouard Francois, can also be called the 'Bamboo Building' for reasons that are immediately obvious. More

Changi Airport, Singapore:

Changi Airport, SingaporeThe Green Wall is a major feature at Singapore Changi Airport.

Oulu's Living Wall:

Oulu's Living WallCited as Brooklyn's first living wall, the Oulu attracts attention with its huge external living wall.

Green wall - Indoor Landscaping:

Green wall - Indoor Landscaping (5) 1Green Wall system for a laminar, vertical growth of small leaved plants, which has an astonishing effect on the interior design, both visual, and climatic. More

Consorcio Building Concepcion:

Consorcio BuildingLiving green walls wraps this building.

Gordon Graff's Sky Farm:

Gordon Graff's Sky FarmIt has 2.7 million square feet of floor area, 8 million square feet of growing area with 58 floors and can produce as much as a thousand acre farm, feeding 35 thousand people per year.

World's First 30 Story Vertical Farm:

World's First 30 Story Vertical Farm(Image credit: verticalfarm).
"The $200 million dollar project is designed to be a functional and profitable working farm growing enough food to feed 72,000 people for a year."


BHVHommeThe vertical garden at the Parisian department store.

Harmonia 57:

Harmonia 57Harmonia 57 by French-Brazilian architects Triptyque is an office building in São Paulo with a planted front irrigated by a mist system.

Green Building:

Green Building(Image credit: urbanplanningblog).

Genoa's Nave Aquarium:

Genoa's Nave AquariumBlanc's Plant Wall at the aquarium measures 18m x 4m.

Osaka Green Building:

Osaka Green Building(Image credit: quirkyjapan).

Qantas First Lounge, Sydney International Airport, Australia:

Qantas First Lounge, Sydney International Airport, AustraliaA vertical garden in the arrival area designed by international botanist P Blanc.

The Living Wall At Vancouver Aquarium:

The Living Wall At Vancouver Aquarium:The living wall at Vancouver Aquarium was designed to educate visitors about the benefits of green walls.

The Living Tower:

The Living TowerThe Living Tower, by Pierre Sartoux presents a beautiful solution to lack of space in urban centers in near future.

Organic Wallpaper Inside A Private Home:

Organic Wallpaper Inside A Private HomeCreated by P Blanc.

Girbaud, Paris:

Girbaud, ParisResidence Antilia:

Residence AntiliaIt's designed by SITE and called Residence Antilia, the scheme is being developed by Indian tycoon Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries.

Parabienta Living Wall:

Parabienta Living WallThe living wall is called 'Parabienta', is light, can be designed in different patterns and grids, and cools the building significantly and above all it's cost effective.

Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain:

Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain (Image: Credit).
Created by artist Jeff Koons, this forty-three foot 'plant puppy' is commissioned in 1992; it was created using a steel substructure with an internal irrigation system and numerous plants.

Living Walls, Netherlands:

Living Walls, NetherlandsUsing rock wool for the growing medium, this interesting living wall was developed.

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art:

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art(Image credit: businessweek).

Emporium Shopping Center:

Emporium Shopping CenterThis elevator in Bangkok's Emporium shopping center stretches vertical horticulture to a height of more than 30m (98 ft.).

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