Apr 28, 2009

20 Coolest Spy Cameras.

If you are interested in spy business ;), here are a few cameras to get you started.

The Necktie Spy Camera:

20 Coolest Spy Cameras (20) 1This Necktie Spy Camera features a tiny pinhole spy camera hidden in the pattern, which can record videos at a 352 x 288 resolution at 12 frames per second. It can be directly plugged into a USB port for transferring files to your PC, it records in AVI format, has 2GB of built in memory, and comes with a remote control. The Necktie Spy Camera is available for $66 from Brando.

Shoe Camera:

20 Coolest Spy Cameras (20) 2A normal shoe with a hidden 2.4ghz wireless camera inside it.

Button Spy Camera:

20 Coolest Spy Cameras (20) 3The Button camera has a 3.7mm pinhole lens, the portable recorder has a 2.4 inch TFT screen, and 2GB of internal memory.

Zippo Style Digital Camera:

20 Coolest Spy Cameras (20) 4It uses micro SD card from 128 MB to 8 GB and can playback video on cell phone or PC.

Electrical Outlet Camera:

20 Coolest Spy Cameras (20) 5The Electrical Outlet Hidden Camera is a non-functional electrical outlet with a hidden compartment. Inside it has a wireless 2.4Ghz color spy camera that can transmit audio and video to the included wireless receiver.

Shaving Cream Can Camera:

20 Coolest Spy Cameras (20) 6It has a hidden spy camera in a can of shaving cream. The unit comes with a 2.4Ghz wireless receiver that can plug into any RCA video input, i.e., TV or VCR or personal Digital Video Recorder. And it can transmit the live video signals up to 50 feet away.

A Fruit Juice Box Camera:

20 Coolest Spy Cameras (20) 7This one looks really cool.

Hidden Color Spy Sunglasses Camera:

20 Coolest Spy Cameras (20) 8It has a 92° field-of-view, the hidden hardwired color CCD camera lets you record exactly what you are looking at.

Locket Camera:

20 Coolest Spy Cameras (20) 8It's a Kodak 1881 digital camera, designed by Lindsey Pickett to look like an old locket. If you open it up you'll see two screens that display your photos.

Spy Camcorder Pen:

20 Coolest Spy Cameras (20) 9It's a fourth version pen camera, with a built in 4 GB memory, high resolution camcorder plus 2048 X 1536 still picture capability, PC & mac compatible and it costs $199.00.

Spy Camera Video Watch:

20 Coolest Spy Cameras (20) 10A timepiece that will allow you to record interviews, meetings; the video camcorder lets you record AVI format files that can later be transferred to the computer for viewing and archiving purposes.

Belt Buckle Camera:

20 Coolest Spy Cameras (20) 11It's a 'Buckle DVR' with built in micro camera and sound.

Keychain Digital Camera:

20 Coolest Spy Cameras (20) 12This keychain digital camera fits on your keys so you'll always have it with you. It can take photos and video without anyone knowing what you're doing.

ID Card with Integrated Camera:

20 Coolest Spy Cameras (20) 13The AME-105 ID Card spy camera comes with a small 1.3MP video camera capable of recording video on AVI H.263 at 352×288/15fps and 4GB of internal memory. Recorded video can be transferred to your PC or laptop via USB.

Brooch Camera:

20 Coolest Spy Cameras (20) 14Just put on the brooch, plug it into either pocket DVR 500 or DVR 806 and you are ready to record video.

Baseball Cap Spy Camera-Color:

20 Coolest Spy Cameras (20) 15It is a real baseball hat that has a special lining to hold the dvr and the pinhole ccd video camera.

Lipstick Camera:

20 Coolest Spy Cameras (20) 16It's a 8GB USB2.0 color video and voice camcorder that does recording with a pixel drive cam camera pinhole camera and DVR that has up to 20 hours of video recording.

Tie Clip Camera:

20 Coolest Spy Cameras (20) 17Inside of the tie clip is a tiny 3.7 mm pinhole hidden camera, capable of recording video in MPEG4, and contains an audio pickup as well. 'Your video and sound can be played back on the receiver unit with the 2.4-inch TFT display, which records all of the received video on its 2GB of storage space.'

Chewing Gum Camera:

20 Coolest Spy Cameras (20) 18The chewing gum sized tiny spy camera is designed to fit perfectly inside a gum wrapper. It has a 3.6mm wide angle, 1GB Micro SD card in 3gp format that can record 15 frames per second with 33 hours of recording storage.

Hidden Camera In A Computer Speaker:

20 Coolest Spy Cameras (20) 19There is a hidden camera in this fully functional 2-piece speaker system and it works with PC's, MP3player, CD and DVD players.

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