Mar 25, 2009

Looking Into The Past.

An awesome concept 'Looking Into the Past' which reminded us of the 'Souvenirs' by M Hughes. This is a new series created by Jasonepowell; he was inspired to create this project both by his liking of history and Hughes' Souvenirs.
This series is created by finding old photographs of places (all historical images were availed at no cost from the Library of Congress) and printing them. Then comes holding the print up in the modern day location, exactly where the original photograph was taken. There is a group for these type of images, if you plan to take a few photos on your own, then you may consider joining the group! Just one other thing, keep checking his flickr page as in coming years Jason plans to do as many of these as he can.

Looking Into The Past (6) 1Market Street, Leesburg, VA.
Looking Into The Past (6) 2Harper's Ferry, WV.
Looking Into The Past (6) 3Waterford VA.
Looking Into The Past (6) 4Union Station Square, Washington, DC.
Looking Into The Past (6) 5Intersection of King Street and Market Street, Leesburg, VA.
Looking Into The Past (6) 6Loudoun Street, Leesburg, VA.

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