Mar 26, 2009

Lippman's Photography.

Lippman's Photography.

Lippman's photography covers lots of different subjects, from concepts, personal researches to fashion, food and lot more. Among the many, he worked for the most famous French brands (Cartier, Guerlain, SNCF Rail, Pierre Gagnaire), apart from these he collaborated with some well known international brands such as Nicolas wines, Minute Maid, Chianti, Downy which is regularly published in Vogue, New York Times Magazine, Marie Claire and Le Figaro and others. He was born in New York and is based in Paris for the last 15 years, said to have a flexible nature and bilingualist which makes him comfortable working in London, Paris and New York. It also said that when he isn't busy working, he writes and sings in Parisian rock band. An interesting personality, don't miss to check out his galleries!

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