Mar 18, 2009

World's Smallest.

World's Smallest.

Here is a collection ‘World's Smallest’ from around the world.

Smallest Teapot In The World:

Smallest Teapot In The WorldThe mini teapot weighs just 1.4 grams.

World's Smallest Teddy Bears:

World's Smallest Teddy BearsGerman sculptor Bettina Kaminski made the world's smallest teddy bears 5-mm tall Mini-the-Pooh and 3.5-mm tall Micro Ted.

World's Smallest Linux Computer:

World's Smallest Linux Computer The Picotux 100 is the world's smallest Linux computer, only slightly larger than an RJ45 connector.

World's Smallest Works of Art:

World's Smallest Works of ArtThis is the creation of Willard Wigan, his sculptures are so small and tiny that they can be rested even on a pin.

Worlds Smallest Burger, Fries and Soda Meal:

Worlds Smallest Burger, Fries & Soda MealThe smallest burger meal isn't something which you can stuff yourself with but they look cute and tiny.

World's Smallest PC:

World's smallest PCIt's called the Space Cube and its only 2×2x2.2 inches; it's supposed to be the smallest personal computer in the world.

The Smallest Doll In The World:

The smallest doll in the worldPhotograph taken with a microscope camera and the doll is set beside an English 5p coin for scale.

World's Smallest Guitar:

World's Smallest GuitarThe Nano-Guitar is 10 micrometers long and each of the six strings are 50 nanometers wide. Its made by Dustin Carr and Harold Craighead of Cornell University's Nanofabrication Facility.

World's Smallest Grand Piano:

World's Smallest Grand PianoThe world's smallest grand piano is created by Sega Toys Company and its equipped with a keyboard with a mere 4-milimeter (0.16-inch) wide 88 keys and with an auto-playing function and weighs only 2.5-kilogram (5.5 lb).

World's Smallest Violin:

World's Smallest ViolinEric Meissner made the world's smallest violin and it measure just 1.5/8 inches long.

World's Smallest Harmonica:

World's Smallest HarmonicaWith a dimension of 5 centimeters long by 1.5 centimeters wide, this harmonica is the smallest in the world. It is named "Little Lady" and is made in Germany in the late 1890s.

World's Smallest Harp:

World's Smallest HarpThe Nanoharp is a true stringed instrument that plays real music and its carved out of a single crystal of silicon. The strings are actually silicon rods 50 nanometres (nm) in diameter, ranging from about 1,000 to 8,000nm long.

World's Smallest Saxophone:

World's Smallest SaxophoneThe Soprillo is the world's smallest "piccolo" saxophone, measuring only 12" (30cm) in height (13" including the mouthpiece) and sounding a full octave above the soprano saxophone.

World's Smallest Pancake:

World's Smallest PancakeAnd here are some more of the smallest objects in the world:

World's smallest keyWorld's smallest key.
World's smallest cameraWorld's smallest camera.
World's smallest dishesWorld's smallest dishes.
World's smallest glassesWorld's smallest glasses.
World's smallest magnify glassWorld's smallest magnifying glass.
World's smallest pipeWorld's smallest pipe.
World's smallest pencilWorld's smallest pencil.

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