Mar 6, 2009

Cat Playground.

What would you do if you have cats that enjoyed viewing the scene from above and like climbing things? For most of us, we wont be able to do much. But when it comes to the talented designer couple Bill and Maria, who are also the establishers of Uhuru Design, things would be definitely different. When they knew that their cats enjoyed viewing scenes from above and liked to climb things, they decided to wrap the cat track around half the living room and kitchen. The stairs were designed narrow, and were padded with non-skid carpeting and painted yellow to incorporate the piece as a design element. Apart from these, at the end of the track, the cats have pillows atop the kitchen cabinets on which they can rest. Perhaps this is what can be expected out of the talented designers who can make amazing stuff out of simple materials and the talent can be seen in almost all of their furniture and of course, the cat track which was made by their own hands.

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