Mar 16, 2009

Electrolux Designlab competition.

Electrolux Designlab competition.

Electrolux Designlab competition: Designs for the next 90 years, Call for entries:

<a href="//">Watch the "Electrolux Designlab competition" Video on Youtube</a>

Electrolux Designlab competition(Image credit: designtrotter).

Mini Fridge:

Mini Fridge(Image credit: nuacco).
Smeg offers fridges in Union Jack, Tricolor and other interesting color options.
Awesome Dewdrops:

Awesome DewdropsHere are the rest of the beautiful dewdrop photographs: link.
Sugar Collection:

Sugar CollectionThis photograph comes from the 'Sugar Collection' by Liz. Liz Wolfe makes photographs.

How Far Do You Agree With This:
How Far Do You Agree With This----------
Now This Is A Bedroom:

Now This Is A Bedroom----------
This Isn't Happiness:

This Isn't Happiness(Image credit: ffffound).
Inflatable skateboard:

Inflatable skateboardDesigned by Maciej Puzon, this inflatable skateboard has a huge advantage over the traditional skateboards as it offers a portable skateboard, and the design provides a rolling up board which can be pumped up with compressed air.

How About This One:

How About This One-----------
Kid's Reaction After Being At The Dentist Office:

<a href="//">Watch the "Kid's Reaction After Being At The Dentist Office" Video on Youtube</a>
Best Store Front Ever:

Best Store Front EverFlying bed sheet:

Flying bed sheetFlying Bed Sheets by William Hundley, you can find the rest here or visit his website (some of the work is NSFW).
Digital Photo Print Pyajamas:

Digital Photo Print PyajamasGraphic and textile designer Frédérique Daubal created this sleepwear set called 1+1 (LoveMe Before, LoveMe After) as part of The Love Design Exhibit in Milan, Italy.

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