Mar 31, 2009

Winter 1972 - Living Room Stories (Poster).

Winter 1972 - Living Room Stories (Poster).

We have seen quite a few 'Post It Notes' posts in the past, and what we have here is equally impressive: 'Winter 1972 - Living room stories (poster)'. Its by graphic designer Adrian Merz, teamwork with Cornelia Hess, which encases a living room and transforms it into a winter landscape using thousands of white Post It Notes. It's a beautiful concept which tries to bring the memories and experiences of winter 1972, and in our opinion they have beautifully succeed in doing so.

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Photos By Erik Johansson.

Photos By Erik Johansson.

Here we have digital art created by a young talented Swedish artist Erik Johansson. He does both photo and retouch, and creates amazing images which are really impressive. The image in the middle creates an optical illusion effect.

Photos By Erik Johansson (3) 1Image source: illusion.scene360
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Mar 30, 2009

10 Modern and Innovative Bookshelf Designs – Part 5.

Collection of ‘Modern and Innovative Bookshelf Designs’ from all over the world.

Triangle shelf:

Modern and Innovative Bookshelf Designs (12) 1This unique shelving system can be setup around your existing furniture, or can be just put on a wall as a sculptural object.

Polar Bear Shelf:

Modern and Innovative Bookshelf Designs (12) 2Polar Bear Shelf is a polar bear shaped bookshelf.

Tree Bookshelf:

Modern and Innovative Bookshelf Designs (12) 3It's your choice whether you want to place all of the ornately wrapped presents on each shelf or simply use it as a special holiday decoration.

Artistic Shelves:

Modern and Innovative Bookshelf Designs (12) 4Designed by Russian designer Maria Yasko, it was inspired by nature and the surroundings.

Tree Shaped Book Case For Kids Room:

Modern and Innovative Bookshelf Designs (12) 5A bookcase for children designed like a tree by Italian designer Matteo Casarosa.

Tree Like Bookshelf:

Modern and Innovative Bookshelf Designs (12) 6Word Shelf:

Modern and Innovative Bookshelf Designs (12) 7It's a shelf that actually is the word shelf.

Magneto Shelves:

Modern and Innovative Bookshelf Designs (12) 8These shelves can be adhered to any magnetic surface. Simple, modular, and useful.

Graffititek Bookshelf:

Modern and Innovative Bookshelf Designs (12) 9Contemporary French designer Charles Kalpakian designed this elegant furniture Graffititek called Bookshelf.

Lovely Rita:

Modern and Innovative Bookshelf Designs (12) 10Lovely Rita can be used as a single shelf or can be repeated endlessly by combining additional units, becoming a bookcase of the desired length.

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Construction Mistakes.

Construction Mistakes.

What shall we call these, construction mistakes or errors or goof ups? What ever we call it, it won't change a thing and still these look hilarious. Its quite surprising to see these and we really wonder how the engineers and architects who were part of these constructions must have reacted seeing them.

Construction Mistake (30) 1(Image credit: celebrating200years.).
When we first saw this bridge, we thought it to be shopped. But later we knew how wrong we were: 'Survey-scale inaccuracy or positioning errors can lead to costly construction mistakes such as bridge misalignment. Image courtesy of Zurich U.S.'

Construction Mistake (30)  2Fixing poles isn't as easy as it looks.

Construction Mistake (30) 3How would one use this bridge to get across the tracks?

Construction Mistake (30) 4(Image credit: humorpix).
We really wonder what was in the mind of the engineers when they went ahead with these stairs and where they wanted it to connect.

Construction Mistake (30) 5For using these stairs, one needs to use the windows.

Construction Mistake (30) 6The entrance seems to be missing.

Construction Mistake (30) 7If one needs to use this ATM, there seems to be no other option than being on one's toes.

Construction Mistake (30) 8Construction Mistake (30) 9Construction Mistake (30) 10Construction Mistake (30) 11Construction Mistake (30) 12One need to resize their cars, to park in these garages.

Construction Mistake (30) 13You have a balcony but no access to it unless you climb down from the neighbors.

Construction Mistake (30) 14Construction Mistake (30) 15Construction Mistake (30) 16Construction Mistake (30) 18Construction Mistake (30) 19Construction Mistake (30) 20Construction Mistake (30) 21Construction Mistake (30) 22(Image credit: mostinterestingblog).

Construction Mistake (30) 25Construction Mistake (30) 26(Image: Credit).

Construction Mistake (30) 27(Image credit: miragestudio7).

Construction Mistake (30) 23Construction Mistake (30) 24(Image credit: humorpix).

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Mar 28, 2009

KOZO Lighting Series.

KOZO Lighting Series.

KOZO series is a creation of DEMO Studio. It has an interesting and unique design which seems to look unstable, but the designers of it assure that its where their creativity lies and it has given these lamps a perfect balance and stability. This lamp series is a product of their concept and thinking; 'we mainly use ready-made stuff, and try to reduce manufacturing to zero. Our basic assumption is that there are so many things at hand that everything that you need must have already been made for you "built in another product". In our designs we search to give new life and meaning to the materials and to their use.' And this lamp series beautifully fulfill the concept; its assembled into a new product out of a number of different parts and products that already exist. It's a unique functional light designed for a wide range of indoor life scenes and atmosphere.

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Vending Machines From All Over The World.

Vending Machines From All Over The World.

In the gone by era, vending machines were just meant for selling newspapers, candy and beverages. But with the changing times, these too have evolved. Now the state is if you can't find something in vending machines, then you probably haven't looked hard enough! Cerebrusconstipatus made this interesting post on 'Vending Machines' that says 'if it's out there, it's in here'. And aptly, it features most of the vending machines which we can come across: beef & fish, umbrellas, soccer balls, t-shirts, French fries/ prawns, ties, used inner wear, pizza. whisky and M&Ms and many more products. Here is the rest - link.

Umbrella Vending Machines:

Vending Machines From All Over The World (3) 1(Image credit: tyla).

Pizza Vending Machine Of Wonderpizza:

Vending Machines From All Over The World (3) 2(Image credit: dcmetroblogger).

Joga3 Soccer Ball Vending Machine:

Vending Machines From All Over The World (3) 3(Image credit: uberreview).

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Mar 27, 2009

Brilliant and Clever Advertisements.

Here is a collection ‘Brilliant and Clever Advertisements’ from around the world.

New Zealand's Sky TV was promoting the screening of this movie last month using a print advertisement featuring relatively friendly contests between these two, using chess, swingball and pool. For sure this advertisement must have made everyone aware of their airing of the movie and getting the desired TRP.

Brilliant Advertisements(3) 1(Image credit: adsoftheworld).

Brilliant Advertisements(3) 2(Image credit: adsoftheworld).

Brilliant Advertisements(3) 3(Image credit: adsoftheworld).

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