Feb 26, 2009



Foodscapes (7) 1Foodscapes (7) 2Foodscapes (7) 3Foodscapes (7) 4Foodscapes (7) 5Foodscapes (7) 6Foodscapes (7) 7(Image: Credit).
In past we have seen many posts dealing with food art, but what we have here is something which surpasses all of those. These are the creations of the London-based photographer Carl Warner who created these foodscapes: landscapes made of food. In these pictures, we see pea pod boat, land made of bread and potatoes, a sea of salmon parmesan cliffs with sweet potato boulders, a red cabbage sky, broccoli tree …………. It takes lots of patience for this amazing food art; one needs to spend quite a bit of time in supermarket for buying the vegetables; for example, finding the right shaped broccoli to use for a tree. Then comes the planning which is yet another important task and these images can take up to two or three days to build and be photographed. Apart from this, it needs a couple of days for retouching and fine-tuning them. But the results are nothing less than astonishing. If you are interested in buying the prints on these, click here.

Fruits and vegetable sculptures: And here we have some interesting looking fruits and vegetable sculptures.

Fruits and vegetable sculptures (11) 1Fruits and vegetable sculptures (11) 2Fruits and vegetable sculptures (11) 3Fruits and vegetable sculptures (11) 4Fruits and vegetable sculptures (11) 5Fruits and vegetable sculptures (11) 6Fruits and vegetable sculptures (11) 7Fruits and vegetable sculptures (11) 8Fruits and vegetable sculptures (11) 9Fruits and vegetable sculptures (11) 10Other Posts:
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