Feb 18, 2009

These Definitely Says A lot About Trees.

Here are some trees which we don't come across very often; if you do, then perhaps its worth to take a snapshot of them.

statue became the part of the treeHere the tree used to be behind the statue, with the passage of time the statue became the part of the tree itself.

bicycle in treeSome kid left his bicycle leaning against the tree and over sometime, the tree kept growing and now it lifts the bicycle seven feet off the ground.

ship anchor in 200 year old tree(Image credit: Credit).
This tree has pieces of metal, including a bicycle, a ship's anchor and chain, and a bridle bit. The sycamore tree, from the 1800s, stands in the yard of an old smithy in the Trossachs, now part of Loch Lomond and the Trossachs national park.

Richard Reames is an arborsculptor. About 16 years ago he was inspired by the work of Axel Erlandson (1884-1964), who grew a roadside attraction featuring his amazing trees. Arborsculpture is the art of shaping the trunks and branches of trees. And these are some of his creations.

Arborsculpture (3) 1Arborsculpture (3) 2Arborsculpture (3) 3
<a href="//www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjE746ujXJI">Watch the Video on Youtube</a>

The Tree Circus:

The Tree CircusThis is the creation of Axel Erlandson (1884-1964), an American arborsculptor who opened a horticultural attraction in 1947 featuring his unique shaped trees. The attraction was eventually named "The Tree Circus". Here is the complete gallery.

furniture  created by shaping the treeHere we have one which is created by shaping the tress & this amazing furniture is created by Nirandr Boonnetr, who started shaping trees from about 1983. And the best part of these art furniture is its one of a kind.

shaping of trees for furnitureCook & Becky have mastered the art what they call Pooktre, which is the shaping of trees as they grow in predetermined designs. And the product we see is amazingly high quality indoor furniture. More

Toilet in treeA toilet built inside a baobab tree.

Tree of Life Animal Kingdom

tree and the trunk is 50 feet wideTree of LifeThis is 145-foot tall Tree of Life. The branches span 165 feet across. There are over 100,000 leaves on the tree and the trunk is 50 feet wide. It took 20 artists to carve the trunk, branches and roots with over 320 animals. It took 18 months to create this magnificent Tree of Life. Conti...

Chandelier Tree: This is the Chandelier Tree which stands 315-foot (96 meter) tall and is a coast redwood tree in Leggett, California. In 1930s a 6-foot (1.83m) wide by 9-foot (2.74m) high hole was made through its base to allow a car to drive through.

Chandelier Tree

<a href="//www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjeVSoibwL0">Watch the "Chandelier Tree" Video on Youtube</a>

Tree Drawings: A series of drawings were created using an interesting concept - by attaching drawing implements to the tips of tree branches, and the rest was done by the wind. The results were quite impressive as each paper recorded different qualities and characteristics of each tree.

Tree Drawings (2) 1100 pens attached to the branches of a tree, to draw onto a circular disc 5.1 meters in diameter.

Tree Drawings (2) 250 pens were attached from the branches of this tree to create a drawing on 4 panels placed horizontally beneath the tree.

Tree Power: And here are a few more trees which over sometime made their surrounding objects part of themselves:

Tree Power (4) 1Tree Power (4) 2Tree Power (4) 3-------

Things Growing On Trees: Have you ever given a thought that something beautiful can grow on trees? Here are few trees that have pretty cool things growing on them.

Things Grow On Trees (5) 1(Image credit: mjlaflaca).

Things Grow On Trees (5) 2(Image credit: hullaballoo2).

Things Grow On Trees (5) 3(Image credit: bluecinderellee).

Things Grow On Trees (5) 4(Image: Credit).

Things Grow On Trees (5) 5(Image: Credit).
Unusual tree:

Unusual tree--------
Artistic Trees: Yuken Teruya uses everyday objects and transforms them and their meanings to reflect on the contemporary lifestyle. It can be pizza boxes, bags, desserts, flags or toilet paper rolls; when they come into his hand they turn out to be intricate art works meticulously created. In each bag or roll, the shape of a tree is created without adding or removing anything; each tree stands in the same bag that it came from. When you see it under the natural light, the delicate tree shows inside a paper bag. The work is simply beautiful!

Artistic Trees (6) 1
Artistic Trees (6) 2More.

Square Tree Trunk:

Square Tree Trunk (3) 3Will we be surprised if we come across square trees someday? Though the wood industry would be really happy having square trees, as it would lead to more utilization of material, easier handling & more importantly, it would lead to more efficient storing. Here we have 'Square Tree Trunk' series which are a part of NATURE V2.01 project, a limited edition bench made of plywood structure covered in original tree bark -'Round' is perfect in nature, but 'square' is perfect for industrial standard. More.
Ads Using Trees.

 Ads Using Trees (9) 3This ad used a cardboard guy & tree to show the lack of public restrooms in NYC. Rest of the gallery.

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