Feb 5, 2009

Village Underground.

Village Underground.

Village Underground, is the brainchild of the ambitious 29-year-old furniture designer Auro Foxcroft. Four former subway carriages and three shipping containers were positioned, secured, and transformed into open-plan working spaces, which offers a low-cost alternative in a high-rent area. The idea to use the subway trains came to Foxcroft during a funicular train ride in Switzerland. He acquired the carriages for a nominal takeaway fee, but he had to pay £25,000 for transportation. The local council provided the rooftop - an old brick warehouse; and financing came mainly from the London Rebuilding Society. A number of architects, engineers, expert consultants, and friends provided their professional services and equipment for no cost. The decommissioned tube carriages were placed on the top of a railway viaduct and so far, it has hosted exhibitions, workshops, video and photo sessions, and private parties. And the rent can be anything from £600 to £5,000 a day.

Village Underground (8) 6(Image credit: bbc).
Village Underground
Village Underground (8) 7Village Underground (8) 8(Image credit: villageunderground).
Village Underground (8) 1Village Underground (8) 2Village Underground (8)  3Village Underground (8) 4Village Underground (8) 5(Image credit: mctumshie).

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