Feb 20, 2009

Shipping Container Architecture.

Shipping Container Architecture.

In past we got you 'Alternate Use Of Containers' and here we have some interesting 'Shipping Container Architecture'.

Shipping Container Architecture (21) 1The Dordoy Bazaar is a large wholesale and retail market in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (Central Asia) and is almost entirely composed of containers, and is of comparable size. Empty shipping containers are commonly used in markets and as warehouses in the countries of the former USSR.

Shipping Container Architecture (21) 2This Nomadic Museum is composed of 152 shipping containers. It was constructed to house a photography exhibit in New York City in 2005. And it was reassembled in California in early 2006.

Shipping Container Architecture (21) 3Here we have a shipping container home Zigloo Domestique (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada), which is a residential home created by Keith Dewey. The project costed about $150 per square foot, compared to a similar quality traditional construction project, which is quite reasonable.

Shipping Container Architecture (21) 4The listening room created using a 20 foot shipping container by MAT Studio and Elastik.

Shipping Container Architecture (21) 5These come from the fashion event organized at Container Ground.

Shipping Container Architecture (21) 6Shipping Container Hostel: This hostel was completed in mid 1998 and is unique and is believed to be the largest building in the world constructed primarily from containers. The project began with 40 used shipping containers with Paul Cooper as architectural consultant and VKE Engineers as project facilitators.

Shipping Container Architecture (21) 7Here we have a small home with a green roof which naturally requires one or two large container.

Shipping Container Architecture (21) 8The Riverside Building: Its located on the banks of the river Thames opposite the Millennium Dome, was completed in 2005, and is the third of the Container City projects to be housed at Trinity Buoy Wharf in London's Docklands. The Riverside Building takes full advantage of its riverside location providing spectacular views at an affordable price and is set over five floors and has created 22 office spaces.

Shipping Container Architecture (21) 9Linx - An integrated, two-story structure that maximizes use of small spaces by Dublin-based industrial designer Richard Barnwall. 20' shipping containers redesigned to be used as temporary workspace for workers on a construction site.

Shipping Container Architecture (21) 10Shipping Container Architecture (21) 11This 1350 square foot, three bedroom container house incorporates three insulated containers into the design, two 40 foot containers are placed on one another and a third is cut in half and placed on itself. Its located on top of a hill in an East Bay suburb overlooking San Francisco, and the credit of its creation goes to Leger Wanaselja Architecture.

Shipping Container Architecture (21) 12A prefab from Austria: 'The module is a space optimized concept in design and quality for every purpose - from living to working.'

Shipping Container Architecture (21) 13The world's first hotel built from shipping containers is coming up in Uxbridge, West London. Each of these prefabricated containers comes fully equipped with furniture fixtures, and decorations.

Shipping Container Architecture (21) 14Multi-Family Prototype - PFNC's newly completed prototype is fully portable and the urban-style plan features a full kitchen, washroom with shower, owner's bedroom and can accommodate 2-6 people.

Shipping Container Architecture (21) 15This reminds us of the container city.

Shipping Container Architecture (21) 16JT Container House: A total of six 9'6" high x 8'0" wide x 40'0" long containers are grouped into three groups of two which sits on 5 acres of land in the middle of 40 acres of government land off of Coyote Valley Road and on Saturn Road in Joshua Tree, CA.

Shipping Container Architecture (21) 17Shipping Container Architecture (21) 18A simple container house which includes the living room, kitchen and bedroom.

Shipping Container Architecture (21) 19Simple office: a converted container used as an office at a building site.

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