Feb 10, 2009

Business Card.

Business card as a search result:

Business card---

paperclip (2) 1paperclip (2) 2Skrepkus takes on an ordinary paperclip and its by Russian design studio Art.Lebedev.

Calendar & Flowerpot:

Calendar & FlowerpotCalendar & flowerpot designed by nothing design group.

Vine Cellphone Charger:

Vine Cellphone ChargerVine (2008), the latest work by Microworks, the design firm of upcoming designer Shunsuke Umiyama.

Metal Business Card:

Metal Business Card (3) 1Metal Business Card (3) 2Metal Business Card (3) 3Metal business cards of photographer and craftsman Todd Schellinger - studio Hand + Eye.

What you got to say about this:

bear driving a bike---

Power4Life: For whenever you lose power.


Phone Scanner:

Phone ScannerMore.

Telescopic Text:

Telescopic TextA telescoping story about tea, just start clicking.

Thumb Man:

Thumb Man---

How far do you agree to this: "Life is better when you make the rules".

Life is better when you make the rules---

Car air conditioner?

Car air conditioner---

Another air conditioner installation:

Another air conditioner installation (6) 1Another air conditioner installation (6) 2Another air conditioner installation (6) 3Another air conditioner installation (6) 4Another air conditioner installation (6) 5Other Posts:
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