Feb 16, 2009

17 Unique and Modern Bookshelf Designs - Part 4.

Here is a collection ‘Unique and Modern Bookshelf Designs’ from around the world.

Alog Shelving System:

Alog Shelving SystemIts a modular shelving system designed by Johannes Herbertsson & Karl Henrik Rennstam, and is made from medium density fiberboard and ash. They have easily detachable shelves that require no fittings. And the best part is the design allows for various combinations and compositions of shelves, allowing the user to create their own bespoke system.

Joya Shelf:

Joya ShelfThis comes from 16:54 Design Group and its named Joya Shelf and it securely holds your precious books and for that matter even the dvd's in an upright position, creating a clean-line, visual floating effect.

Modular Shelves:

Modular ShelvesThis is the creation of the famous and award-winning designers D Lago and Massimo of the Italian furniture design company Lago. This geometric modular shelves may be arranged in many different ways depending upon your choice.

Rolling Shelf:

Rolling ShelfCarbon Kevlar fabric is beautifully used to make a flexible hinge creating a moving surface which allows one to accommodate tall objects and remain in position until you move them back to their original position.

U Bend:

U BendThis shelf allows you to use a book as a bookend.

Magnetic Bookshelf:

Magnetic BookshelfA magnetic book shelf can be put horizontally or vertically on the wall providing an endless variety of possibilities, as boxes with a magnetic back stick to it in any position.

Standing Shelf:

Standing ShelfAn interesting piece of furniture which doesn't look much like a shelving unit to store books.

Angled Bookshelf:

Angled BookshelfDesigned by Ngo, the design enhances the utility of the ordinary bookshelf by providing shelving which requires no bookends or heavy-handed adjustments when a book is removed.

Extended Cab:

Extended Cab (2) 1Extended Cab (2) 2These versatile vertical frames can be adjusted to suit your needs. Instead of a single frame for each book, four to seven frames have been combined. Though these are in vertical setup, but a horizontal setup is also an available option.

Budak Modular Shelves:

Budak Modular ShelvesAn interesting modular shelves system wherein one using a few can form a small shelf or a bench, and combing hundreds of these pieces can have a huge shelving system.

Neverending Bookcase:

Neverending BookcaseAnother interesting conceptual design.

Woodfold Bookcase Doors:

Woodfold Bookcase DoorsThe doors can support up to 500 lbs and they open and close via a steel hinge that swings out the center. Ready to install on either 54 or 66-inch wide openings, the bookcases offer two fixed shelves at the middle and bottom, with four more adjustable shelves for customization.


BookhangerThe concept was developed with an idea of using less material on book storage, making a library much lighter than the books it holds, possible!

Invisible Shelving System:

Invisible Shelving SystemInvisible shelving system is an alternative to a regular bookshelf, it comprises of an aluminum bracket and a combed piece that grips the cover and pages of paperback books. An innovative design solution to store books which creates the illusion of a line of books unsupported on the wall.

Conceal Wall Bookshelf:

Conceal Wall BookshelfThis innovative, inspirational and imaginative award winning design comes from Umbra, it can hold up to 15 lbs of books. Available for about 10 dollars from Amazon, it gives the impression of books being supported by some invisible thing along the wall.

Bookshelves and Bookcases Made of Books:

Creative and Stylish Bookshelf and Bookcase Designs- Part: 4 (6) 1Creative and Stylish Bookshelf and Bookcase Designs- Part: 4 (6) 2These are the creation of Jim Rosenau who has been making and selling thematic bookshelves from vintage books since 2002.

Bookcase Door:

Creative and Stylish Bookshelf and Bookcase Designs- Part: 4 (6) 3Creative and Stylish Bookshelf and Bookcase Designs- Part: 4 (6)We have seen this in movies, pull a book from the shelf and the door opens into a secret room. But what we have is from the real world which was created to maximize the book storage which also covered the three louvered doors.

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