Feb 23, 2009

Artwork In Water.

Artwork In Water.

Today we have some amazing artworks of N Kahn who combines science, art and technology to integrate natural, human, and artificial systems, and his specific works emphasize natural elements. He creates artworks that enable viewers to observe and interact with natural processes

Wave Oculus - Union Point Pier, Oakland, California, 2006:

Artwork In Water (4) 1It has a diameter of 50' and thousands of small stainless steel mirrors cover the circular pier. These are angled down to reflect snapshots of the surface of the bay and create the impression that the surface of the water has been digitized.

Divided Sea - Emerald Glen Park, Dublin, California, 2004:

Artwork In Water (4) 2It consists of a 100-foot long curve of custom designed nozzles that spray thin sheets of water down into a lake. The 1/8th-inch thick, glasslike sheets of water move like fabric in the wind and are very responsive to light.

Wavespout (Breathing Sea) - Ventura Pier, City of San Buenaventura, California, 1993:

Artwork In Water (4) 3It is a fountain that uses the energy of ocean waves; the air pressure surges from passing waves sprays seawater out of the spiral structure.

Basin of Attraction - Artpark, Lewiston New York, 1989:

Artwork In Water (4) 4Water from the Niagara river entered this six-foot diameter, spiral-shaped, stone basin. It was constructed of granite found on the site.

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