Jan 8, 2009

Painted Trains.

Painted Trains.

Here a few painted trains which look really cool and some comes from the land of inventions running on their 12,000-mile rail network, decorated with images of anime characters, colorful advertisements, and designs by notable artists. These painted trains look so colorful and attractive, then we can say that lots of creative space is left empty on unpainted trains.

painted train (21) 1(Image: Credit).
painted train (21) 2(Image credit: fabrizia).
painted train (21) 3(Image credit: fabianeduarte).
painted train (21) 4painted train (21) 5(Image credit: halbot.haluze).
painted train (21) 16painted train (21) 17painted train (21) 18painted train (21) 19painted train (21) 20painted train (21) 21(Image credit: pinktentacle).

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