Jan 31, 2009

Innovative Way Of Promoting The Library.

Innovative Way Of Promoting The Library.

If one asks you how to promote the library by itself, what would you suggest? Though there are various ways of doing it, but if you ask the residents of Kansas City the answer could be quite interesting. They have their own innovative way of promoting their libraries. The residents of Kansas City were asked to nominate influential books that represented their town, and huge forms of the winning selections were then used as the exterior of the library's parking garage.

Kansas City Library (2) 1(Image credit: jonathan_moreau).
Kansas City Library (2) 2(Image credit: wcb0028).

Cardiff Public Library:
Here we have another one: Cardiff Public Library, which differs when it comes to the walls around a library. It's supposed to be only a temporary feature at Cardiff Library until the new building is completed. But this looks much better than the usual traditional front of the building and if we were given a choice then this could have been a permanent feature.

Cardiff Public Library (3) 1(Image credit: benbore).
Cardiff Public Library (3) 2(Image credit: keithpatterson).
Cardiff Public Library (3)(Image credit: toughcrowd).

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