Jan 12, 2009

Letterpress Poster.

Letterpress Poster.

Letterpress Poster (2) 1Letterpress Poster (2) 2This Cameron's letterpress poster was handcrafted character by character over the course of approximately 100 hours. Each poster measures 16"x24" and is printed on Crane Lettra Pearl. Though the print is already sold out, but it may be reprinted.

Mia Cullen's Curtains:

Curtains (2) 2Curtains (2) 2Using Tyvek synthetic material, Stockholm designer Mia Cullen created this curtain.

Interesting Trees:

Interesting Trees (9) 1Interesting Trees (9) 2Interesting Trees (9) 3Interesting Trees (9) 4These trees have their own distinguishing looks which seems to say a lot!

Designer Tree :)

Designer Tree (3) 1Designer Tree (3) 2Designer Tree (3) 3------

Trees From Socotra Islands:

Trees From Socotra Islands (2) 1Trees From Socotra Islands (2) 2When we are speaking about trees, how can we miss the trees from Socotra Island!

Ice House:

FreezingThis image is of a house on the coast in Plymouth, MA. The wind blew sea spray onto the house, encasing it in ice.



How About This One?

interesting one------

Priceless Facial Expression:

Priceless Facial  Expression------

A Perfect Response ;)

A Perfect Response------

Raindrops Picture:

Don't miss to read the details here below the image; it's really worth it!
Raindrops Picture------

Turtle Art:

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