Jan 10, 2009

15 More Cool Watches For You.

15 More Cool Watches For You.

Here we got more watches for you to choose from, each of which is unique and special in its own way, which one would you select!


OclockOclock designed by Anthony Duffeleer measures 120cm in diameter.

Moving Clock:

Moving Clock (2) 1Moving Clock (2) 2Now if you need to check the time without opening your eyes, then this one is for you. It comes with two triangles, if they're far apart, you have time left to sleep, but if they're near to each other then in short time you need to get up.

Solar Clock:

Solar ClockAs this is a solar clock which means there isn't much to say on this one.

Concrete Clocks:

Concrete Clocks (2) 1Concrete Clocks (2) 2Concrete clocks are handcrafted by Johan Forsberg in his studio in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Colors Clock:

Colors ClockColors clock by Richard Shed.

Pixel Clock:

Pixel Clock (2) 1Pixel Clock (2) 2Pixel, designed by Fran├žois Azambourg for Ligne Roset, it's backlit by 300 LED's and covered with a honeycomb-effect fiberglass .

Digilog Clock:

Digilog ClockIt shows hour as a digital digit and minute as a clock hand.

Math Clock:

Math ClockEach hour is marked by a simple math problem.

Clock With An Attitude ;)

Clock With AttitudeLog Clock:

Log Clock (4) 1Log Clock (4) 2Log Clock (4) 3Log Clock (4) 4Some more:

15 More Cool Watches For You (5) 115 More Cool Watches For You (5) 215 More Cool Watches For You (5) 315 More Cool Watches For You (5) 415 More Cool Watches For You (5) 5Though these are wristwatches, but they are quite interesting and we thought they do need to be mentioned here.

LED Watch:

LED WatchIQ Watch:

IQ WatchThe watch, called IQ, has a dark green face and all the markings and hands glow in the dark and it is designed by Rolf Sachs.

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