Jan 7, 2009

A Perfect Bag.

A Perfect Bag.

A Perfect Bag (2) 1A Perfect Bag (2) 2The Grey Group received an interesting task from their client (Magicstore) to create a bag of purchases for their shop. What they needed to create was something that is relevant, creative and impressive for the client's business. And the outcome was really impressive: though it looks like a normal bag with regular handles, but really the handles are made from transparent fishing line (Nylon), and when used, it gives an impression that the bag is moving on its own - apt for the products sold in the client's shop. Beautiful!

Snow Prints:

Snow Prints (3) 1Snow Prints (3) 2Snow Prints (3) 3Can you believe it, these illusions of 3D sculptures were created by simply pushing the faces into fresh powder on cars. Impressive!

Falling Words:

Falling WordsBeautiful image by Marina Camargo.

Internet Phone:

The Internet Phone, an old school styled phone receiver that you can use for your modern-day VoIP calls. It conveniently plugs into the 3.5mm microphone and headphone jacks on your computer. The Internet Phone is available for $15.


ElectromanCosts $25.

Cool Muffin Advertisement:

Cool Muffin Advertisement---

Laptop Sleeve For The Businessmen:

Laptop Sleeve For The BusinessmenIt works perfectly in corporate America.


Fishing advertisementA few months back, we remember seeing a similar advertisement but the only difference was a dog was there in place of the fish! Any recollection?

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