Dec 1, 2008

Glass Door.

When Smilodon needed a replacement for the door to go between his hall and living room, he came up with this idea that turned out to be really awesome. The existing door had a glowing image, worked for a while but later it got bit arched. And the concept was to create another one that has much better looks and durability. And for the new door, 4 layers of glass was used, two outer layers of 3mm float glass and two inner layers of 3mm plexiglass (plexiglass as it conducts light way better than normal glass). And 120 Light emitting diodes (60 blue and 60 white) were fixed on the edges, sending the light through the glass. Click here for lot more photos of its making.

Glass Door (5) 1
Glass Door (5) 2
Glass Door (5) 3
Glass Door (5) 4
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