Dec 13, 2008

90° Furniture.

90° Furniture.

A beautiful concept, apt for the present day needs where space is premium. '90° Furniture' the flat furniture can be highly functional in urban living, where people have shortage of space. Designed by Louwrien Kaptein & Menno, an interior for an [artist] consisting of 4 parts:
Work Unit
Sitting and Sleeping Unit
Cooking Unit
Storage Unit.
The closed panels open in a 90° angle. Each unit is a room divider and a functional piece of furniture, giving lots of combinations. The interior is easy to move and is applicable to each room.

flat furniture (6) 1
flat furniture (6) 2
flat furniture (6) 3
flat furniture (6) 4
flat furniture (6) 5
flat furniture (6) 6(Image credit: yankodesign).

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