Nov 17, 2008

Tree Tents.

A beautiful concept by D Wapenaar, if you are among those who would prefer to sleep in the woods, feel the fresh open air, and want to hold on to that feeling, then this is something for you. Its quite comfortable, keeps you high up on the tree and gently sway along with that magnificent tree trunk. The first 3 tree tents were created for Campsite De Hertshoorn in Garderen in 1998.

Tree Tent (3) 1'Even though I designed the tents for use by the ROAD ALERT GROUP the project never happened.' Before he completed it, a representative from a campsite saw the drawings of the TREETENTS and convinced him to sell them this project. It became a huge success; and is still in use today. They are leased for 5 months out of the year. Two adults and two children can sleep on the main floor that is approximately 9 feet in diameter.'

 Tree Tent (3) 2
 Tree Tent (3) 3A new edition was built in 2005 and this was loaned and used for shows directly from Studio Dré Wapenaar. And the first one was exhibited at the MoMA in New York for the show and after which it was on tour to many different shows in Europe.

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