Nov 24, 2008

Cool Faces In Places - Part 2.

Faces in Places - A collection of photos of faces found in everyday places. A really interesting concept that we learnt more than a decade back in marketing strategies, and it suits in here beautifully. Though we forgot the one who developed it, what's the name is, but still we remember the concept (hopefully). This comes from our college days when we were doing our Masters in Business Administration: our professor citing an example that if one wishes to buy a particular car or is considering buying it, then he/she starts observing those cars in public and over sometime, he/she will be surprised to see the number of similar cars they wish to purchase driving on the roads. But the fact will be the same, that the number of these cars are same as it were; its just because one wishes to buy or is considering to buy that particular car, then they start observing it and start finding them in their surroundings. Beautiful concept isn't it!
Faces in Places is a showcase of images of faces that people have found in the most unusual places which ranges from household objects, architecture to food and even the sky. Do check out the site for a huge gallery and just one other thing, the site is a winner of 'Yahoo! Search, Finds of the Year 2007'.

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