Nov 29, 2008

Knit Night Cupcakes.

Knit Night Cupcakes.

Knit Night Cupcakes comes from Lauren Ulm's which featured an article on knitting with marzipan and aptly it got a heavy response. Mini sweeter, scarf and yarn balls were made from marzipan and used to decorate the cupcakes. Its really impressive edible craftsmanship and here are the photo tutorials.

Knit Night Cupcakes (5) 1
Knit Night Cupcakes (5) 2
Knit Night Cupcakes (5) 3
Knit Night Cupcakes (5) 4
Knit Night Cupcakes (5) 5(Image credit: 1 and 2).

And here is a video of Lauren on the M Stewart Show showing how to make these:

<a href="//">Watch the "Knit Night Cupcakes Making" Video on Youtube</a>

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