Nov 12, 2008


Collection of ‘Creative Bulbs and Cool Bulb Designs’ from all over the world.

Flat Bulb:

Flat Bulb designed by Joonhuyn Kim, which unlike the ordinary bulbs has 1/3 smaller volume. Unlike the ordinary bulbs, it cannot easily roll off if one isn't careful; the flat bulb takes care of the problem easily with its unique shape. But what really makes this bulb special is that it reduces the cost of packing and transport and its unique shape allows it an easy storage. Perhaps its a gift from the designer world which is aptly needed in the present financial scenario around the globe, reducing cost!

Flat Bulb (3) 1
Flat Bulb (3) 2
Flat Bulb (3) 3Pocket Light Bulb:

'Pocket Light Bulb' an interesting concept by designers Hyun & Eun Hak. It can be kept in your wallet comfortably; the size of a credit card, and one can turn it on by keeping the bulb into the upright position. So next time you need to search for the keys in the night, you know where to get the light from!

Pocket Light Bulb (3) 1
Pocket Light Bulb (3) 2
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