Oct 7, 2008

Urban Play.

Urban Play.

Urban Play is an international project by Droog Design Amsterdam, created and curated by Scott Burnham and presented as part of ExperimentaDesign Amsterdam 2008. It consists of a team of some of the most innovative designers and architects from around the world to create 13 newly designed interventions which will be temporarily placed along a route on the central IJ-riverfront in Amsterdam. Stefan Sagmeister's magnificent artwork, is built from 300.000 cents that have been laid out by a hundred and fifty people during eight days at the Waagdragerhof. Urban Play is currently in Amsterdam until 5 November 2008.

Urban Play (5) 1
Urban Play (5) 2
Urban Play (5) 3
Urban Play (5) 4
Urban Play (5) 5(Image: Credit).

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