Oct 16, 2008

Pencil Art.

In past we have seen many artists creating work of art using various mediums and here we have another interesting one. 'Pencil Art' by an Australian artist, who creates beautiful work of art using pencils as canvas. A self-taught illustrator, who moved from the area of stencil art to exhibit his illustration work worldwide. And his work of art ranges form fine ink drawings, graffiti, commissioned murals and soft sculptures. Here is the gallery of his pencil art.
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Pencil Art (11) 1(Image: Credit).
Pencil Art (11) 2Pencil Art (11) 3Pencil Art (11) 4Pencil Art (11) 5Pencil Art (11) 6Pencil Art (11) 7Pencil Art (11) 8Pencil Art (11) 9Pencil Art (11) 10Pencil Art (11) 11Other Posts:
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