Oct 1, 2008


SkyCeilings are photographic illusions of real skies which fits perfectly into standard ceiling grid systems. And using SkyCeilings and Luminous Virtual Windows, one can transform the interior design in a manner similar to a wall mural, ceiling mural, sky mural, skylight, or ceiling art for a custom ceiling. These ceilings feature fluorescent or LED lighting which illuminate the translucent images from behind (by room or cove lighting) and are made from opaque image tiles. It feature proprietary, high-resolution photography, which provides a 3-dimensional experience and creates a compellingly authentic illusions. It displays beautiful photographic images of skies, stars, trees, blossoms, and natural landscapes and creates illusions of star ceilings, etc. Using these ceilings and windows, one can transform limited space into more spacious and inviting. Interesting!

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