Oct 11, 2008

Milk Bottle Art.

Residents of Stourbridge, West Midlands, and surrounding villages were having a pleasant surprise when they took their milk bottles; they would find pictures of animals, often cows or mice, carefully carved onto the glass in astonishing detail.
An artist, known as 'bottle Banksy', would take the used milk bottles from doorsteps and then return them after having etched elaborate pictures. Later the identity of this artist was known, meet the Milk Bottle Banksy: Charlotte Hughes-Martin. She would buy the bottles from local shops, where they were sold containing orange juice and then would work on them in her leisure time. The ex-lecturer, who works from a studio in a former glass factory, would decorate the used bottles before randomly returning them to the doorsteps.

Milk Bottle Art (9) 1
Milk Bottle Art (9) 2
Milk Bottle Art (9) 3
Milk Bottle Art (9) 4Here are some more of her artwork:
Milk Bottle Art (9) 5
Milk Bottle Art (9) 6
Milk Bottle Art (9) 7
Milk Bottle Art (9) 8
Milk Bottle Art (9) 9Here is the gallery of complete artwork.

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