Sep 24, 2008

Sliver Spoon Cadillac.

This masterpiece, a custombuilt 1974 Cadillac which adorns 5,000 pieces of silverware is the creation of Uri Geller, one of the world's most famous spoonbenders. And 1000 of these spoons and forks were given by the children from around the world, and some of the treasured pieces were owned, or used by famous personalities. Some of the pieces on this custom-built 1974 Cadillac were arched by Uri Geller using his incredible brainpower, while the remaining were artfully shaped by his friend Avi Pines, a famous Israeli sculptor. The Spoon Cadillac is yet another tribute to Uri Geller's extraordinary talent. Presently the masterpiece is on display at the Beaulieu National Museum, in England.

Sliver Spoon Cadillac (3) 1
Sliver Spoon Cadillac (3) 2
Sliver Spoon Cadillac (3) 3(Image credit: automotto).

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